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Rumor: Bungie Working on Space MMO Titled ‘Destiny’


According to an anonymous source, it’s “WoW in space.”

Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack Announced


The first map pack for Halo: Reach is inbound.

Rumor: Halo is, in Fact, Getting a Remake

halo combat evolved

Joystiq is citing anonymous sources that say we’ll be seeing Halo: Combat Evolved with HD graphics (and 3D capabilities) on Nov. 15.

This is One Way To Prevent Screen-Peeking (PIC)


But boy does it seem a bit excessive.

These are the Top-Selling Games of 2010 (in the USA)


Hot and fresh out the NPD kitchen.

Bungie Grabs New Trademarks, Domain Names

bungie thumb

We might be seeing the beginnings of the company’s new IP(s) to follow Halo.

Wall Street Journal: Check Out Underhyped Fallout, Mass Effect 2

fallout thumb

A business newspaper sent us an email because they wouldn’t want you to miss out on these non-Black Ops “unsung heroes” of 2010.

Sceptre Launches New Line of Performance LCDs


Sceptre’s new offerings include ginormous LED LCDs, new ultra-slims models and performance displays.

Buy a Windows Phone 7, Get an Xbox 360 Game

windows thumb

Although there are only four games available, and half of them are Kinect games. And the other two are Fable III and Halo: Reach.

GameFront 2010: The Absurdly Shortest Games Of 2010


In the year of Longest Games Ever, these games defied logic, market demand and in some cases quality gaming, in favor of keeping it short and sweet. Maybe a little too short and sweet.



Website announces its 2nd annual winners via a live ustream boradcast.

GameFront 2010: Best First-Person Shooters


This has been something of a paltry year for quality FPS entries, but the GameFront staff got together and detailed our favorites.

No One Will Ever Make a Better Halo Fan Film Than the One In this Post

power core

The novelty of this makes me chuckle.

GameFront 2010: The Year in Live-Action Game Ads


Live-action games ads are the best ads because they’re amazingly evasive. They sorta tell you about the game without really…

Billy Bob Thornton: Hollywood Sucks Because of Video Games


This actor thinks video games (he’s never played) have made us like movies with bad stories.

How to Fix the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death


Microsoft’s quality control done homebrew – here’s a guide to fixing the classic overheating issue on older Xbox 360 consoles.

A Halo Movie Is Happening… But It Actually Is Not


The first three paragraphs of this story are bulls**t.

Bungie Looking For Beta Testers


Find out how you could be a beta tester on Bungie’s next game.

This Gamer Thinks Halo: Reach is Minecraft (AMAZING VIDEO)


This must be seen to be believed.

Xbox 360 Controller with New D-pad On Sale Now


You could get a new game, or you could get this.

GameStop VP Says PSP is Biggest Disappointment, Halo: Reach Biggest Surprise of 2010


Halo: Reach surprised him?

34 Cortana Cosplayers (HOT AND NOT-HOT PICS)


Enjoy this. But don’t enjoy it too much.

Bungie Removes Halo: Reach Rank Cap


As promised, Bungie has removed the rank cap in Halo: Reach, revealing all sorts of new goodies in the Armory.

10 Ill-Advised Video Game Tattoos (LIST)

game over

Hey, this may not the most original post ever, but then again, every day someone gets a new bad tattoo. Here are 10 of worst.

Shocker: the Xbox 360 and Halo: Reach Sell Well


And you can find out exactly how well inside!

Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack Trailer! Woooo!


Here’s what you’ll inevitably be purchasing in a month.

Conquering the Sky in Halo Reach (VIDEO)


I just love it when a plan comes together.

Halo: Reach Has Sold 3.3 Million Copies in One Country in September


Can you guess which country?

Halo: Reach Map Pack Coming in November


Bungie has announced the first map pack for Halo: Reach, and that it’s coming out November 30. All the details can be found within.

NYCC: New Halo Trilogies, Film Could Roll Out Starting in 2012

reach multi 1

It’s not confirmed, but Halo’s media promotion company might have just revealed the future.

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