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13 Gorgeous Examples of 4K PC Gaming

Black Ops 2 4K 140x

4K gaming on the PC will save your soul.

Nvidia Battlebox: $6,000 4K PC Gaming, Simplified

Nvidia Battlebox SLI Bridge 140x

Got the cash to burn on a 4K resolution gaming PC? Nvidia is here to help lighten your wallet.

Nvidia Releases New GeForce Drivers Ahead Of Battlefield 4 Beta


If you’re a GeForce gamer participating in the Battlefield 4 beta this week, you’ll want to install Nvidia’s latest beta drivers.

Xi3 Piston SteamBox Details: Specs, Availability, $1k Price

Xi3 Piston PC Graphic 140x

Xi3 has finally confirmed the hardware specifications and release date of its new Piston SteamBox PC. With all the SteamOS…

Friday Flame Wars: Valve’s Winter Approaches


Today marks the end of a week filled with announcements from Valve. SteamOS, a new Linux-based operating system with some…

Xi3: More PISTON SteamBox Details On Monday

Xi3 Corporation Logo 140x

Remember when Xi3 was talking about Steam-focused PC hardware earlier this year? Well the small form factor PC maker seems…

Valve Unveils Steam Controller, Half-Life Fans Trolled Again


It isn’t a new game, but it is a gamepad unlike any we’ve seen before.

Afternoon Reading: Game Developers Sound Off On SteamOS

Tux the Penguin Drinking Windows Juicebox 140x

Valve wants Linux to play a major role in the future of PC gaming, but how do developers feel about…

AMD Reveals R9, R7 GPU Lines, Start at $89

AMD Radeon R7 260X 140x

AMD’s next generation of GPUs are just around the corner. Along with providing the hardware for the next-gen Sony and…

Valve Announces New “Steam Machine” Hardware


Coming in 2014 to a living room near you!

The New iMac Could Be Your Next Gaming PC

Apple iMac Haswell 140x

It didn’t get the same fanfare as the recent iPhone refresh, but Apple has new, Haswell-packing iMac models for sale,…

Catzilla: These Killer Cats Can Benchmark Your Gaming PC

Catzilla Benchmark 140x

Catzilla is not interested in sleeping on your keyboard, but this destroyer of worlds will help benchmark your GTX 780-…

Twitter Predicts The Next Two Valve Announcements

Valve SteamOS 140x

Most of the Internet’s Valve announcement predictions came in before yesterday’s SteamOS reveal, but that isn’t stopping the Megaverse Twitterverse…

Why I Love VR Gaming: The Death Star Trench Run Oculus Rift Demo

Star Wars X-Wing 140x

I think I can retire from video games, pop culture, and the Internet after I play this fantastic new Oculus…

Balance or Power? Comparing Xbox One and PS4 Hardware


Which next-gen console will be better? Game Front gives the definitive opinion with our massive Xbox One vs. Playstation 4…

Valve: Expect Three Announcements Next Week


Don’t you just love it when a company announces an announcement? Valve Software, a Bellevue, Washington-based video game company with…

AMD VP Confirms New Radeon GPUs Coming In Q4 2013


  New AMD Radeon graphics cards are definitely coming before the end of 2013. During an interview with Forbes, AMD’s…

Nvidia GeForce 327.23 Drivers Bring Shield Streaming Out Of Beta

NVIDIA Square Logo 140x

Nvidia pushed out new GeForce drivers today, and the updates includes support for GeForce-to-Shield game streaming. The fresh 327.23 drivers…

Gabe Newell: Linux Is The Future Of PC Gaming

Tux the Penguin Drinking Windows Juicebox 140x

  Valve sees the future of gaming, and it’s on the shoulders of Tux the Penguin. Gabe Newell’s comments at…

Digital Storm Veloce: The Quick And The Cheap

Digital Storm Veloce Black Front 140x

  Gaming on the go is no longer an awkward, back-breaking scenario. Gone are the days when one had little…

Oculus Share: One-Stop Shopping for VR Games

Oculus VR Logo 140x

Oculus VR finally has a one-stop shop for everything VR, and it’s called Oculus Share. Unveiled today in a post…

[UPDATED] Nvidia Might Have Confirmed Grand Theft Auto V for PC

Grand Theft Auto V Trio 140x

UPDATE: Nvidia just sent an official statement our way regarding Grand Theft Auto V. From Bryan Del Rizzo, Senior PR Manager,…

Amazon Might Be Working On An Android Console

Amazon App Store_2 140x

According to Game Informer and TechCrunch, Amazon plans on releasing a Qualcomm-powered Android gaming console by the end of the…

RAGE Creative Director Matt Hooper Works at Oculus VR Now, Too

Matt Hooper 140x

UPDATE: We’ve received an official statement from Oculus VR on the hiring of Matt Hooper: ““We are thrilled to have…

AMD’s Radeon HD 9000 Series Might Ship in October 2013

AMD Radeon HD 7970 140x

Is AMD finally bringing some new GPUs to the market? According to a report on SemiAccurate, AMD is bringing the…

The Cases and Case Mods of QuakeCon 2013

Hoth Case 140x

QuakeCon 2013 is in the books! While we got plenty of new game previews and in-depth interviews from the event,…

Razer Blade Review: Beautiful Black Sheep

Razer Blade 140x

  “Impossibly Thin. Insanely Powerful. Designed for Gaming.” The taglines used to describe Razer’s latest-generation Blade laptop certainly make for…

RAM, Consoles, And You: Much Ado About Nothing

RAM Pile 140x

We break down just how important those RAM numbers are in the next-generation consoles, as well as in your everyday PC gaming builds.

Hardware Review: V-Moda Crossfade M-100


Would you drop $300+ for a headset?

Mechanical Issue Delays Nvidia’s Shield Until July

Nvidia Shield Boxing Thumb

The wait for an Nvidia Shield just got a little longer. Nvidia’s Android-powered Shield console has been delayed until July,…

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