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Rock Band: The Shooter — Harmonix Reveals Chroma


Harmonix, the studio that brought us Rock Band and Dance Central, is setting its musical, rhythm-based sights on the shooter…

Harmonix Lays Off A “Small Number” Of Staff In Course Correction

Harmonix Logo 140x

Harmonix has confirmed that a “small number” of employees were let go today in what the Cambridge, MA-based is calling…

Is Harmonix Working On A Combat Game?


Because that would be really weird.

Rock Band Blitz Announced, Silly


Sorry, but it’s true.

Watch The Untold Story of Rock Band (Video)


Because who doesn’t love a little Karaoke and Rhythm gaming on Black Friday?

Rock Band 3 Title Patch Fixes Bugs, Makes Some Big Changes

rock band 3 thumb

Hey, some random crashes got fixed in Rock Band 3. Also, it’s harder to cheat.

Play Rock Band with Friends Over Verizon’s 4G Network

rock band mobile thumb

Verizon’s pushing its new super-fast 4G LTE network, and EA showed off its capabilities at CES 2011 with a new Rock Band title.

Rock Band DLC Packs on Sale This Week

rock band thumb

Snag 10 different track packs for about half price until next Tuesday.

Lie to Yourself, Others with this Actual Guitar Rock Band Guitar

squier strat thumb

Yeah, you’re totally learning to play it. Rock Band is teaching you. You even have a real guitar to prove it.

Rock Band 3 Gets Johnny Cash

johnny-cash thumb

Eight new tracks from Fulsom Prison, plus nine more freebies. Celebrate New Year’s with champaign and fake plastic musical instruments in front of your TV.

Dance Central Review


Harmonix tries to make almost dancing as fun as almost playing a musical instrument.

New Rock Band 3 DLC Not Compatible With Rock Band 1 and 2


DLC is one of the pillars of Rock Band’s offering. Unfortunately, new DLC won’t work for those who don’t own the newest title.

Rock Band 3 Squier Guitar Available March 1


Full size, electric guitar controller with real strings coming soon for Rock Band 3 Pros.

Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar DLC to Cost $1 More


Harmonix has given out some details concerning DLC, Pro Mode, retrofitting old DLC, and even exporting songs from Rock Band 1 and 2 into the upcoming Rock Band 3

Mad Catz Details Expanded Rock Band Controller Options


Now that Mad Catz has assumed production of the official Rock Band gear, a lot of questions remained abouthow the…

Harmonix Confirms Rock Band 3 Setlist


Harmonix has confirmed the official set list for Rock Band 3, and it’s pretty close to the one that was leaked last week.

Rock Band 3 Track List Revealed?


A video from Gamescom provides a possible look at what could be the full Track List for Rock Band 3.

New Bands Join Rock Band in DLC

rock band

The Decemberists, dc Talk, Eagles of Death Metal, Blondie – the new Rock Band 2 downloadable track pack available on Tuesday certainly has variety.

Dance Central: Look Goofy, Have Fun

dance central

Dance Central has you really dancing, which is way fun – as long as you don’t mind embarrassing yourself. Hands-on at Comic Con.

We’ve Got Some Rock Band 3 Artists To Tell You About


Six artists, to be specifically specific.

How to Play Multiplayer Console Games on a LAN


Gathering your buddies in the same room to play games means you need to know how to play multiplayer console…

Rock Band 3 Keytar, Revamped Instruments Revealed


We knew it was coming. In the last week we’ve had a number of confirmations that Rock Band 3 was…

Rock Band 3 Details Emerge

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the details of Rock Band 3, both because we love the series, and because we want…

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Guitars Go Modular


If you are like me, you have a massive storage issue already for the gazillion plastic fake instruments in your…

Now We Know What Natal Is Good For

It’s good for dancing. I say that because today, for the very first time, I have heard a game concept…

Mad Catz Continue Call of Duty Partnership, Buys Headset Maker Tritton


Hardware licensing is apparently a lucrative arrangement, especially if you slap Activision’s Call of Duty brand on it. Along with…

Rock Band 3 Rumored to Include Keytar

Dear Rock Band 3: The 80′s called, and they want their instruments back. According to a mole that burrowed his…

Rock Band 3 May Feature Keyboards

I don’t know about you folks, but I’ve been glad to see the music genre slowing down of late. At…

Rock Band Getting Pantera DLC Next Week

If you’ve been waiting for more metal in your Rock Band like I have, next week’s offerings are bound to…

Rock Band Unplugged DLC: Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock n’ Roll

This week’s Rock Band Unplugged DLC is quite an eccentric mix with a little of everything from Stevie Ray Vaughan…

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