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How Beyond: Two Souls Fails Where Heavy Rain Succeeds

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Beyond: Two Souls has its story problems, and needs to learn the lessons of Heavy Rain.

5 Movies That Could Be Adapted Into Unique Games


It’s not unusual for big studios to produce video game tie-ins for movies, but how often to we see a…

Your Smartphone is a Controller in Beyond: Two Souls


Huh. I struggled through half of Heavy Rain before giving up on the clunky controls. Quantic Dream has admitted control…

Video Game Violence: The Sad, Limiting Standard


All our biggest games revolve around committing violence, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Heavy Rain’s $100M Sales A Good Sign For The Future


Insane Lifetime movie/serial killer thriller Heavy Rain was, as it turns out, a great investment for Quantic Dream, and for…

David Cage Wants Us to Grow Up


Wants games to be called “digital entertainment.”

David Cage: “Sequels Kill Creativity and Innovation”


Last year, he said the industry will die if it doesn’t try to be more innovative.

Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2012


We haz a sad.

David Cage: “This Industry Will Die If It Doesn’t Try More to Be Innovative”


Games will need to offer a deeper experience.

Favorite Video Game Glitch Videos


Glitches gone wild.

Gaming Bits #1: Heavy Raining With Guile’s Theme


Byte-sized chunks of gaming humor.

Aaron Staton is Unimpressed with Video Games (PIC)


Mad Men’s (and now L.A. Noire’s) Aaron Staton reviews blockbuster titles in this GameFront original. He’s not impressed.

Ken Levine: Video Game Sex Looks Like Puppet Sex


I’m inclined to agree.

10 Nintendo 3DS Games We’d Like To See (LIST)


10 Games that should exist, and probably would if Nintendo didn’t take so long to bring out new product.

Heavy Rain’s Creator Hates On Space Marines


David Cage’s comments are completely reasonable. Yet he’s still going to be treated like he’s trolling the entire Internet.

A Heavy Rain Prank Show To Make Your Soul Sing (VIDEO)

heeeeavy rain


Warner Bros. Fast-tracks Heavy Rain Movie

madison heavy rain

This seems really dumb.

GameFront 2010: The Year’s Pleasant Surprises and Last Straws

last straw

The year is winding down, which means our GameFront 2010 feature series is also winding down. As we come ever…

Heavy Rain Sucks: A Fight to the Death Between Ross and Phil


A pair of GameFront’s most youthful writers battle over whether or not Quantic Dream’s interactive drama is as good as the critics say it is.

GameFront 2010: The Year’s Most Overhyped Games


The games that talked the talk but then tripped and fell on their face in front of the whole school. Or something like that.

GameFront 2010: The Year’s Best Games

best of 2010 thumb

The GameFront staff picks the games that stood above all others in 2010.

GameFront 2010: Best Game Stories of the Year


The GameFront staff picks out the video game stories that stuck with us throughout the year.

Cliffy B Says Heavy Rain Should Have Been Marketed To Ladies


Sure, why not?

David Cage Sounds Off on the Playstation Move


The Quantic Dream head hands out a warning about Sony’s new peripheral.

Heavy Rain Was Expected to Sell Pretty Meh

madison heavy rain

It ended up selling better than meh.

Heavy Rain's Move Implementation Means You'll Probably Never Get any More DLC

Being the intensely negative person that I am, I’d say Heavy Rain, as a whole, was a failure. But it…

Heavy Rain Film Rights Purchased, Film May Be Made Someday

So Heavy Rain has sold pretty well since it came out in February, over a million off the shelves, apparently….