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Cognitive Prime Crowned First Ever Smite World Champions


Second seeded Cognitive Prime takes home the first ever Smite World Championship along with a $1.3 million cash prize

Smite World Championship 2015 Cosplay Gallery


Smite cosplayers don’t mess around. Here are a collection of some of the best cosplayers at the Smite World Championship

Huge Map and Gameplay Changes Coming to Smite Season 2


Big changes are coming to Smite season 2, including an updated version of the 5v5 Conquest map

Smite on Xbox One – Hands On Preview

Smite Xbox2

Mitch goes hands-on with the upcoming Xbox One version of Smite to see how the MOBA fares with a controller in hand

Smite Celebrates Launch with $200,000 Tournament


New and upcoming games like Infinite Crisis, Heroes of the Storm, Dawngate, and Strife offer a slightly different spin on…

Smite Gets Official Launch Date, $100,000 Tournament


It’s been in open beta for nearly a year, and it really wasn’t all that difficult to get in on…

Hi-Rez CEO: $30 Million Lost on Tribes: Ascend, Global Agenda


When we spoke with Hi-Rez COO Todd Harris in July, the plan was to stop development on Tribes: Ascend and…

Hi-Rez ‘Exploring’ Map Editor, Tools as Tribes: Ascend Updates Slow

tribes ascend 4 thumb

Hi-Rez’s Todd Harris says the developer is looking into the possibility of providing the Tribes: Ascend community with tools.

SMITE Makes Some Music With Apollo


Apollo graces us all with his music and swag.

SMITE Summons Poseidon, Releases Ultimate God Pack


Must resist temptation to reference old movies.

Come Battle Game Front in Tribes: Ascend TONIGHT!

tribes ascend 1 thumb

Come wallop us and win some in-game gold!

SMITE Unveils Vulcan, Hammer Of The Gods


Time to blacksmith, coppersmith, and smith in general.

MOBA Games 101: Beginner’s Guide to League of Legends, Dota 2 & More


Baffled by the steep learning curve of the MOBA genre? Maybe you should join us at the MOBA academy.

SMITE Enters Open Beta, Sponsors Tournaments


Prepare to smite (get it?) the competition.

Hi-Rez Slashes EXP Requirements in Tribes: Ascend

tribes ascend 1 thumb

The grind in Tribes: Ascend just got easier.

New Smite Video: The Gods Are Real and I Found Them

smite cupid thumnb


What We Learned Training for a Tribes: Ascend Grudge Match

tribes ascend 1 thumb

Here are a few things we learned training to field a team of seven and not embarrass ourselves.

Game Front Takes On SyFy’s DVICE in Tribes Grudge Match (VID)

tribes ascend thumb

See the Game Front team play a game and not suck completely, just a little!

Guess Who’s Coming to SMITE: It’s Thor

smite thor thumb

Not the Marvel-owned Thor, though.

SMITE Adds Cupid God to Its Roster of Characters

smite cupid thumnb

A new character has entered the arena, and though he might be cute, he’s still deadly.

Why Facebook Games Fail: A Lack of Fun

facebook outernauts thumb

The trouble with Facebook games is that they’re designed to trick you into spending money, not to deliver fun.

Tribes: Ascend Patch Due Today Brings New Guns, Maps

tribes ascend thumb

Lots of new stuff!

‘Political Correctness’ Isn’t Ruining Games — Bad Ideas Are

tomb raider rape scene thumb

Censoring people’s right to criticize in order to avoid that criticism censoring video games doesn’t make sense.

SMITE Beta Start Date Announced


Beta of the gods!

Check Out This Tribes: Ascend Beta Test Infographic


You people did a lot.

Tribes: Ascend Has Over 800K Registered Accounts


Damn. Good work.

Tribes Ascend: How Hi-Rez Got It Right


Other developers, take note.

Smite Preview: MOBA Goes Third Person


We took a spin on Hi-Rez’s new religion-inspired title.

Hi-Rez Releases Latest Update For Tribes: Ascend


Details inside!

Tribes: Ascend Jerks Tears With New Trailer

tribes ascend thumb

This is possibly the greatest thing you’ll see today.

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