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Homefront Korean Kodex QR Codes


Exclusive Rewards!

Homefront Unique Weapons


Increase your killing capacity.

Homefront News Pickups


Read all about it!

Homefront Backstory Trailer


This video alone makes Homefront cool!

Homefront Review


The Korean People’s Army has invaded America. Should you take up arms and join the Resistance?

Homefront Cheats


When your homeland is invaded, victory is the only object.

Homefront Walkthrough


Don’t give up a single inch of territory to the invaders. Take advantage of this guide.

Homefront Launch Trailer


WOLVERINES! er, PANDA BEARS!? Whatevs, just check out the launch trailer for the Red Dawn reboot game for yourself.

Homefront Trophies


Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife! The North Koreans are coming!

THQ and Kaos Are Already Planning a Homefront Sequel

homefront thumb

Geez, can we just make one game at a time, please?

GDC 11: THQ PR Stunt Sends Balloons into SF Skies, Then Directly into Bay

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Bonehead PR move makes a whole city annoyed at video games, and also at innocent bystander GameStop.

GDC 11: Dillinger Escape Plan Rocks in the Rain


Mathcore and video games about invading North Koreans. It’s like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Homefront Live Action Trailer


Our friends over at THQ sent us a new live action Homefront video.

Homefront Achievements


Don’t ‘Front. Err, actually, do.

Preorder Homefront from OnLive, Get OnLive System Plus Metro 2033

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While supplies last, that is. Apparently there are supplies RIGHT NOW, since I just put in my preorder.

Japanese Version of Homefront Loses References to North Korea


This is true, despite it not making any sense at all.

Homefront Gets a One Week Delay


Kaos Studios’ alternate future game will now launch on March 15.

Check Out the Story Behind the Game in Homefront: The Voice of Freedom


A new fictional work gives you some insight into the game.

Here’s an Appropriately Detailed Homefront Timeline


Ah, it all makes sense now.

Exclusive Homefront DLC Headed to XBox 360


It’s only one map, but hey, it’s exclusive!

Homefront Will Use THQ’s Online Pass


Yeah, you can add another $10 to the used price of this game too. At least they let you try the multiplayer first!

Homefront Fight For Freedom Dev Diary


Kaos developers focus on the human side of war, and how ordinary civilians in Homefront transform into resistance soldiers.

Homefront Occupation Trailer


THQ has released a new trailer for Homefront. What has the world come to?

Homefront Release Date Confirmed


Homefront has an official release date, thanks to a post on the game’s official Twitter account.

Impressions of THQ's E3 2010 Homefront Demo

Have you ever wondered what life might be like if the United States was occupied by a foreign power? Kaos…

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