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The Man Behind Devolver’s Money: Fork ‘Get Paid, Get Laid’ Parker

fork parker cropped thumb

Devolver Digital sent the above image when GameFront requested a headshot of Chief Financial Officer Fork Parker. It included only…

Cross-Buy Enabled Hotline Miami Coming to PlayStation 4


Devolver Digital is taking its blood-spattered, 80′s action homage, Hotline Miami, to the PlayStation 4, and you might already own…

Hotline Miami 2 Will Bludgeon You To Death With A Golf Club In Q3 2014


Act accordingly.

Steam’s Holiday Sale: Hotline Miami, Gone Home, & More!

Steam Holiday Sale 2013 140x

Christmas has come and gone, but the Steam Holiday Sale soliders on! Today (I think it’s day 7 or 8?)…

4 Ways To Make Gaming Better in 2014 and Beyond


I could talk all day about how 2013 was kinda underwhelming for a year with two console launches, but as…

Valve Announces Steam Family Sharing: Cool, But Limited


It’s a nice start, and hopefully it’ll improve.

Hotline Miami 2 Will Retain Early 90s Aesthetic


The sequel to Hotline Miami will stick to the first game’s Drive-inspired early 90s aesthetic.

2013 IGF Finalists: Seamus McNally Grand Prize


These games sure are grand! (rimshot) (canned laughter)

2013 IGF Finalists: Excellence in Audio


These are games you can believe your ears about

Mitch’s Top 5 of 2012: Holy S–t Moments (VIDEO)

top 5 holy thumb

Five moments that nearly made Mitchell drop a deuce.

10 Game Soundtracks From 2012 Worth Checking Out

journey soundtrack thumb

We’ve run down our favorite game soundtracks from this year.

Today’s Steam Deals: Walking Dead, Hotline Miami, More

walking dead ep 4 1 thumb

Three of our favorite games of the year at huge discounts. Snag ‘em.

Indie Game of the Year 2012


From a new twist on 2D platformers to an innovative FPS-RTS hybrid, these are the best indie titles of the year.

James vs. Games 16: James vs. Hotline Miami (VIDEO)

hotline miami thumb

Can James defeat the Russian mobsters, or will he end up a bloody smear in a rubber mask?

Get Half Off Hotline Miami on GetGames Today

hotline miami thumb

You should take advantage of this.

Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2012


We haz a sad.

Hotline Miami 2 Is Officially A Thing

hotline miami thumb

And I can’t wait.

Hotline Miami Dev Endorses Hotline Miami Piracy

hotline miami thumb


Hotline Miami: All Style, No Substance, Mostly Awesome


The gruesome, NES-inspired murder simulation/crime thriller is one of the best, and most frustrating games of 2012.

Jasper Byrne Releases His Chunk of the Hotline Miami Soundtrack

hotline miami thumb

Definitely worth your $4.

Watch The Hotline Miami Launch Trailer Kill It. Literally.


Good lord; when I wrote my Hotline Miami hands-on a couple of months ago, I said “if you want to…

New Hotline Miami Screens Are Dangerous And Cool


They’re also murderous and probably associated with drug cartels.

Watch The Hotline Miami ‘Can You Keep a Secret?’ Trailer


And enjoy the awesome music.

Hotline Miami Hands-On: What If Vice City Was A Period Piece?


20 minutes with Dennation’s ode to the Magic city’s Cocaine Cowboys era was fun, if frustrating.