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Steam Forces Game Redemption Changes on Humble Bundle


Steam titles purchased in Humble Bundles will no longer be eligible for OAuth Steam key redemption According to an announcement…

Humble Bundle Has Earned $150 Million for Developers and Charities

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle has delivered more than $50 million to charities and $100 million to developers since 2010. That, at least,…

Humble Store Launches Two Weeks of DRM Free Discounts


The Humble Store has launched a new sale on its selection of DRM-free products. For the next two weeks, the…

Humble Indie Bundle 11 is a Deal You Shouldn’t Pass Up


The Humble Bundle is once again indie. At least for the next 13 days it is, and it’s well worth…

Get Humble With Six Sid Meier Games This Week

Humble Bundle Vertical Logo 140x

You know who loves PC gaming more than you? Me! Probably! I kid…but Sid Meier loves it more than both…

Codemasters Humble Bundle: DiRT 3, Six Others for $6


DiRT 3, Codemasters impressive 2011 rally racer, can be had for $25 on Steam. Or you can head on over…

Humble Indie Bundle X Gets You Reus, Surgeon Simulator

surgeon simulator 2013

A tenth Humble Bundle of the independent games variety has spun up today with the typical pay-what-you-want goodness, and if…

Get Ready: “Special” Limited Humble Bundle Coming Today


The good folks behind the Humble Bundle have a special surprise in store. What is it? I don’t know, that’s…

Hurry! Europa Universalis IV $10 at The Humble Store


There have been countless great deals on games this holiday season from the likes of Steam,, and Green Man…

Europa Universalis IV $10 at The Humble Store Winter Sale


It’s good to be a PC gamer, especially during the holidays when Steam practically dares us not to spend money….

The Latest Humble Bundle Is Chock Full Of PC Gaming All-Stars

Humble Bundle Vertical Logo 140x

The latest Humble Bundle is live, and it’s like the PC Gaming Master Race commissioned an A-Team for all to…

Humble WB Bundle is Bat-tastic


We were high-fiving around the office when the folks behind the Humble Bundle decided to bring us fantastic, charity-supporting deals…

The Humble Store Launches With Daily Deals, 10% Goes To Charity

Humble Bundle Vertical Logo 140x

  Humble Bundle has just launched a new store that will operate on a 24-hour sale cycle. There’s no doubt…

Humble Bundle Now Allows Gifting of Steam Keys, Thwarts Resellers


I know you could already give away keys; but now you’re *allowed* to.

WB Games Humble Bundle: The $5 Batman Special

WB Games Logo 140x

The Dark Knight Raises money for charity.

Four Games Added To Humble Bundle 9, Including Bastion And Limbo

One week (and 540,000 copies) later, and Humble Bundle is adding four games to its current #9 Bundle. Already a…

Focus Home Interactive’s Humble Bundle Has Up To 12 Games

Focus Home Interactive Logo 140x

I love developer Humble Bundle sales. For starters, they raise millions of dollars for charity, which is fantastic (your thoughts…

Humble Indie Bundle 9 Opened My Wallet


If it seems like there’s always a new bundle of games on sale from one site or another these days,…

Humble Indie Bundle 7 Adds Three More Indie Titles

humble indie bundle 7 thumb

More games for super-cheap.

Humble Indie Bundle 7 Launches with Binding of Isaac and More


The latest pay-what-you-want indie compilation from the Humble Bundle has gone live, offering a chance to own six great games…

Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight Games Chosen


A fantasy adventure, a Zelda-style hack n’ slash, and more are on the way.

Vote on Double Fine’s Next ‘Amnesia Fortnight’ Games Via Humble Bundle


You choose which pitches get prototyped — then download them when they’re ready.

Humble Bundle 6: Six Solid Indie Titles and Soundtracks

dustforce thumb

Get ‘em now for whatever you want to pay.

Latest Humble Bundle Gets 4 New Games


And here they are.

Humble Bundle V Adds Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor, Braid

humble bundle v thumb

This is a fine collection of indie games.

Humble Bundle V Line-up is Spectacular — Grab It

psychonauts thumb

This might be the best offering ever.

Humble Bundle for Android 2 Released


They’ve been kicking a$$ for so long, it’s a wonder they’re still humble.

Humble Bundle Mojam Has Already Broken $100K for a Game Mojang Hasn’t Made Yet

mojam thumb

They’re making something that sounds slightly insane over the span of a weekend.

Five More Games Join the Humble Indie Bundle No. 4

vvvvvv 3 thumb

That’s a lot of games.

Pay What You Want for the Humble Introversion Bundle

humble introversion bundle

It’s a pretty cool one.

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