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The Next Doom is a Reimagining of the Original

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Id Software’s next entry into the Doom series isn’t a sequel to Doom 3 or a prequel to earlier games…

Doom Needs To Prove Itself, Says Bethesda


Doom has always been one of the most recognizable gaming franchises, even if Doom 3 didn’t really impress fans that…

ZeniMax Suit Could Cost Oculus, Its Founder $2 Billion or More

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id Software parent company ZeniMax has officially filed a suit against Oculus VR, claiming its technology was used in the creation of the Rift display and asking for Oculus to lose any profits generated using ZeniMax tech.

Oculus Responds to Zenimax Lawsuit, Calls Claims ‘False’


Oculus has issued an official response to Zenimax’s claims that id Software co-founder John Carmack took technology that belonged to…

GF Podcast 25: Oculus and Zenimax, and Easy Games

podcast 25 thumb

We tackle everything from John Carmack, alleged intellectual property thief to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and whether playing games on easy is unfair to the developers on this week’s podcast.

Zenimax Accuses Carmack of Stealing Tech For Oculus VR


id Software’s John Carmack worked on Oculus while he was a Zenimax employee, and Zenimax says the tech he developed belongs to the company.

Facebook Buys Kickstarted VR Company Oculus for $2 billion

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Meanwhile, Notch backed out of a deal to make a Minecraft version for Rift when he heard about the Facebook deal.

John Carmack Left id Software Due To VR Disagreements

quakecon carmack thumb

USA Today posted a terrific feature on John Carmack and id Software yesterday, and it reveals a few details on…

QuakeCon Moves to July, Stays in Dallas


For 18 years, one of the best-known LAN parties in the country has taken place in August in Texas –…

Resident Evil + Doom = The Mercenaries Mod


Batman, Sonic, Mario, the Ghostbusters… we’ve seen all of them and many more modded into Doom over the years, but…

John Carmack On Doom 4, id Software, & Quake Live: Full Of Regret

Ultimate Doom Poster 140x

In honor of Doom’s 20th birthday, Wired Game|Life just posted a fantastic three-page interview with John Carmack. The former id…

John Carmack Leaves id Software


John Carmack Leaves id Software. Long live John Carmack.

Quake Live Will Be A Standalone Game By Year’s End

Quake Live Logo 140x

Quake Live will plucked from the browser and thrust into a downloadable, standalone game by the end of 2013, according…

HorrorScope Halloween: Doom – 23 Mods For Your Circle Of Hell


This is part two of our massive two-part retrospective of DOOM, to commemorate its 20 year anniversary this year. Check…

HorrorScope Halloween: Doom At 20 – Guns, Gore & Good Times


This is Part one of our massive two-part retrospective on DOOM, to celebrate its 20 year anniversary this year. Check…

‘DOOM: Scarkydarkfast’ — The Rise of the FPS

scarydarkfast thumb

We take a look at the book “DOOM: Scarydarkfast,” an analysis of the classic FPS’ impact on the genre and video games in general.

Tim Willits on the Past, Present, and Future of id Software

Tim Willits 140x

John Carmack might grab most of the headlines, and he still steals our attention when we talk about id Software,…

RAGE Creative Director Matt Hooper Works at Oculus VR Now, Too

Matt Hooper 140x

UPDATE: We’ve received an official statement from Oculus VR on the hiring of Matt Hooper: ““We are thrilled to have…

John Carmack is the New CTO Of Oculus, Not Leaving id (UPDATED)


UPDATE (8/7/2013 7:27 AM PDT): According to the folks at Bethesda, Carmack has not left id Software. A representative gave…

Dwight Schultz, Gideon Emery Confirmed for Wolfenstein: TNO

Wolfenstein The New Order Logo 140x

‘Howling Mad’ Murdock and Poseidon are coming to Wolfenstein: The New Order. During my QuakeCon interview with MachineGames Creative Director…

Watch All QuakeCon 2013 Panels Streaming Right Here


Here’s the full schedule of events at QuakeCon 2013.

Game Front Is Going To QuakeCon (Again)


Next week in lovely Dallas, Texas, the world’s largest LAN party/amazing PC case mods showcase returns with another installment of…

Doom 4: id Software’s Last Shot?


On the eve of QuakeCon 2013, I’m white-knuckle-gripping my defibrillator paddles, hoping to shock some life into one of the…

Friday Flame Wars: No More Generically Dark FPS Games?


Spector vs Wolfenstein vs. YOU!

Brutal Doom: Gore and Violence Taken to the Extreme


Brutal Doom is more Doom with a refreshing blood-and-giblets flavor.

RAGE DLC ‘The Scorchers’ Coming Tomorrow

rage the scorchers thumb

A year later, RAGE gets new DLC, plus additional tweaks to the title.

Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2012


We haz a sad.

New Trophies Hint At Rage DLC ‘The Scorchers’


Expect this to turn out to be true.

Steam Puts Scary Games on Sale for Halloween

steam halloween thumb

Get your scary games and also some not scary games.

Carmack Promises Rage Tools Coming ‘Real Soon’


Wait what?

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