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Indie Gems: Race the Sun is Solar-Powered Intensity

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Zip across procedurally generated worlds and try not to die in Race the Sun.

Indie Gems: Dungeon of Elements Goes Deep


Transmute your way to better health.

Indie Gems: The Chaos Engine Spreads Havoc


Victorian violence veils vigorous villains.

Indie Gems: Foul Play Puts On A Good Show


Indie Gems is an ongoing feature in which we highlight indie games that are worth your time and attention. Think…

Indie Gems: Forced Collaborates In The Arena


Playing Forced isn’t a requirement for co-op fans, but it should be.

Indie Gems: Speedrunners Gets Off To A Quick Start


Take on friends in a tense, often hilarious four-way speed brawl in SpeedRunners.

Indie Gems: Shelter Feeds Its Young


Shelter is a sad little game about the most caring badger in the world.

Indie Gems: Gone Home – Deep Exploration & Mysteries Await


Here’s a short preview of Gone Home, if you haven’t heard of it.

Indie Gems: Hammerwatch Bashes Apart Hordes


Hammerwatch busts apart huge groups of baddies

Indie Gems: Paranautical Activity Blows Apart Demons


Paranautical Activity pits you against oodles of demons in a maze of cubic rooms. Blast away!

Indie Gems: Kerbal Space Program Detonates In Orbit


Kerbal Space Program is the best game involving the abandonment of astronauts in space.

Indie Gems: Influx Rolls On Peacefully


Influx rolls around the countryside, relaxing the whole while.

Indie Gems: Rise Of The Triad Gibs Gloriously


Rise of the Triad aims for greatness, and splash damage gibs it to pieces.

Indie Gems: Shadowrun Merges Magic and Technology


Shadowrun Returns brings back the old-school RPG with a puff of magic.

Indie Gems: Crypt Run Dies Often, But Doesn’t Stay Dead


Crypt Run takes you to the brink of permanent death, then brings you back in.

Indie Gems: Mercenary Kings Is Out For Blood


Mercenary Kings channels the best of Metal Slug and Monster Hunter into one lovable indie package.

Indie Gems: Viscera Cleanup Detail Freshens Up After Battle


Three great indie games to fill your week with fun.

Indie Gems: Unepic Plunders Castles, Explores Worlds


Unepic pits you against castle denizens in a fight for loot.

Indie Gems: 3 Games To Give You The Creepy Crawlies


They may not be horror games, but these three indie games are definitely unsettling.

Indie Gems: 3 Indie Game Rogue-Likes To Start Your Journey


Rogue-likes can be tough to get into, which is why we’ve got three great ones to try.

Four Minimalist Ludum Dare 26 Titles You Should Try

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Indie Gems is an ongoing feature in which we highlight small groups of similar indie games, often united by a…