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Looks Like Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is Inbound

fnaf3 thumb

Surprising absolutely no one, it looks like Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is an imminent possibility. The above image appeared…

Frogdice’s Stash on Schedule as Programmer Codes From Atlantic

frogdice sailing yo thumb

When his lead programmer announced he would need three months off to sail across the Atlantic, Frogdice CEO Michael Hartman’s…

LISA: How to Recruit Every Party Member


There are 30 distinct characters to discover in the indie RPG LISA. Find them all with our quick locations guide.

James vs Games Pits James Against Fenix Rage


In this edition of James vs. Games, James takes on an unreleased title called Fenix Rage. Fenix Rage, described by…

“Shoestring” Indie Dev Had to Spend Thousands to Publish on Xbox One


Microsoft’s requirements for indie developers publishing on the Xbox One can be the most expensive part of the process. That,…

Shovel Knight Review – An Ace of Spades


Mega Man meets Ducktales, meets Super Mario Brothers 3, meets Castlevania, meets Kirby’s Adventure, meets Zelda 2, meets Ninja Gaiden? I can dig that.

Monochroma Review – What’s Black, White and Red All Over?


Monochroma is a puzzle platformer that struggles with the two most important aspects of a puzzle platformer: The puzzles and the platforming

Sony Unveils Spelunky, Nidhogg and More Indies for PS4


Sony has confirmed that more than a dozen new indie games are heading to PS4 and PlayStation platforms. The list…

Free FTL: Advanced Edition Expansion Coming April 3

FTL expansion thumb

We’ve finally got a date for the new FTL update — get excited!

Rover Exploration Game Extrasolar Now Open to All

extrasolar 1 thumb

Extrasolar is available to everyone, and if you’re into science and exploring other planets, you should try it immediately.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch Walkthrough


Nobody suspects Octodad. Keep it that way with our video guide.

Journalist Apologizes for Sexual Comments to Developer

mattingly top thumb

Indie Statik Founder Josh Mattingly has apologized for graphic comments made to a woman game developer.

Nidhogg Review: A Duelist’s Dream


Nidhogg’s deceptively simple fencing mechanics and online matchmaking make it a cut above most other multiplayer focused indie games

Kickstarter-Funded Unwritten Passage Suspended, ‘Out of Money’

unwritten thumb

Despite raising more than $75,000, indie title Unwritten Passage seems to be all but canceled.

Starbound Named Top Indie of 2013 by IndieDB Readers


Game of the Year lists vary widely from journo to journo in 2013 — more so than any year in…

Resogun Review – Defender For A New Age


Whether for free or for $15, Resogun is the best value among the PS4′s launch lineup

Contrast Review – Potential is Lost in the Shadows


If you look at the surge of great puzzle platformers in recent years – games like Braid, Portal, VVVVVV, and…

Download The Blackwell Deception For FREE Until Midnight ET

The Blackwell Deception Logo 140x

Wadjet Eye Games is giving away an updated version of The Blackwell Deception away for free! Ending at midnight ET tonight, The…

Forced Review: Force Your Friends To Play With You


This indie gem shines in co-op, but loses its luster in solo play

We Freak Out at SCP Containment Breach on Phil and Phil vs. Horror

phil and phil vs horror main thumb

Watch Phil and Phil play a horror game in the dark.

Eldritch (Indie Game) Survival Guide & Walkthrough


Adventures in non-euclidean geometry.

Indie Gems: Race the Sun is Solar-Powered Intensity

race the sun thumb

Zip across procedurally generated worlds and try not to die in Race the Sun.

Indie Gems: Dungeon of Elements Goes Deep


Transmute your way to better health.

New Character, Environment Art Transforms SpyParty


Like a secret agent blending into a crowd, I’d completely lost track of Chris Hecker’s promising indie espionage soiree, SpyParty….

Forced Out, But Forging Ahead – The Incredible Story of BetaDwarf

Betadwarf 012

Every game developer has its origin story. But how many involve working for seven months out of a university classroom without permission?

Indie Gems: The Chaos Engine Spreads Havoc


Victorian violence veils vigorous villains.

Not On Steam Sale: Go Buy Some Steam-less Indie Games!

Not On Steam Logo 140x

Looking for cool indie games that aren’t on Steam? Then NotOnSteam is your new Mecca.

Aversion to Tragedy: How Gone Home Plies an Underused Genre


Storytime is a recurring series in which we analyze the storytelling found in video games by looking at the elements…

Betrayer Preview: A Mystery Wrapped In A Massacre


The in-development game is intriguing, if still under-built.

Indie Gems: Foul Play Puts On A Good Show


Indie Gems is an ongoing feature in which we highlight indie games that are worth your time and attention. Think…

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