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Pixeljunk Inc. Hands-On Preview: Interstellar Soup Kitchen


Pixeljunk Inc takes the joy of sandbox construction and gives it purpose.

Towerfall Hands-On: Frenetic Archery


Towerfall will shoot an arrow through your heart

Tiny Brains Hands-On Preview: Pinky and The Psionic Brain


It’s time to do something besides take over the world.

Secret Ponchos Hands-On: Good, Bad, and Dead


Secret Ponchos makes no secret of its inspiration: fighting games.

Indie Gems: Forced Collaborates In The Arena


Playing Forced isn’t a requirement for co-op fans, but it should be.

Samurai Gunn Hands-On: The Return of Local Multiplayer


Samurai Gunn is the best multiplayer game you will never play online. Developed by Beau Blyth — also known as…

Expect Sony’s Big Indie Push to Poach from PC


A new generation of consoles usually means a big leap forward in technology, but arguably the centerpiece of Sony’s strategy…

Shelter Review: A Journey with Badgers


If you’ve played That Game Company’s sublime Journey on the PS3 then you’ve more or less played Shelter. I don’t…

Indie Gems: Shelter Feeds Its Young


Shelter is a sad little game about the most caring badger in the world.

Guess Who’s Going To PAX Prime? (HINT: It’s Game Front)


Spoiler alert: PAX Prime starts this week in beautiful, scenic Seattle, Washington. From Friday, August 30 through Monday, September 2,…

Why I ‘Spoiled’ Gone Home in My Review


Major spoilers below. We highly recommend you play Gone Home and read our review before continuing. Before the reviews for…

Indie Gems: Hammerwatch Bashes Apart Hordes


Hammerwatch busts apart huge groups of baddies

PS4 and Vita Indie Lineup Grows — Rogue Legacy, Volume


Sony, continuing their trend of Indie support, announced quite a lineup of titles without major publisher support for both the…

Hammerwatch Review: Gauntlet Redux, Anyone?


A neat retro dungeon crawler with a few chinks in the armor.

Paranautical Activity Kickstarter Puts ‘All Our Cards on the Table’

paranautical activity 6 thumb

After struggling to find a way to Steam, indie developer Code Avarice has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds and awareness for its title, Paranautical Activity.

The Last Door Starts With Suicide, Then Gets Creepier

the last door horrorscope thumb

Free episodic horror adventure title The Last Door keeps its graphics simple, but doesn’t skimp on foreboding atmosphere.

Indie Gems: Kerbal Space Program Detonates In Orbit


Kerbal Space Program is the best game involving the abandonment of astronauts in space.

Indie Gems: Influx Rolls On Peacefully


Influx rolls around the countryside, relaxing the whole while.

Mercenary Kings Review: Lovingly Rendered Ultraviolence


Mercenary Kings may not star royalty, but it sure has lots of mercenaries.

Shadowrun Returns Review: A Return To The Classics


Shadowrun Returns is a return (ha!) to classic RPG style.

Indie Gems: Rise Of The Triad Gibs Gloriously


Rise of the Triad aims for greatness, and splash damage gibs it to pieces.

Rise of the Triad Review: Prepare To Swear At Your PC

rise of the triad 4 thumb

Invoking the harder, faster FPS of the 1990s, Rise of the Triad does perfectly what it sets out to, but it’s not a game for everyone.

Teleglitch: Die More Edition Review: Embracing The Darkness


Teleglitch takes you into the void, and you may not return.

Indie Gems: Crypt Run Dies Often, But Doesn’t Stay Dead


Crypt Run takes you to the brink of permanent death, then brings you back in.

Microsoft’s (Reluctant) Changes to Xbox One Could Save It


By now, you’ve heard that Microsoft has relented on the absurd prohibition against Indie developers who lack a major publisher….

Xbox One Will Let Indie Devs Self-Publish


Microsoft has finally backed down on one of its new console’s most baffling problems with the welcome news that Xbox…

Indie Gems: Mercenary Kings Is Out For Blood


Mercenary Kings channels the best of Metal Slug and Monster Hunter into one lovable indie package.

Indie Gems: Viscera Cleanup Detail Freshens Up After Battle


Three great indie games to fill your week with fun.

Indie Gems: 3 Games To Give You The Creepy Crawlies


They may not be horror games, but these three indie games are definitely unsettling.

Gunpoint Review: Wearing the Pants of Great Stealth, Puzzles

gunpoint 2 thumb

Great writing, tight design, clever puzzles and fun stealth mechanics make Gunpoint a game you should be playing.

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