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Magrunner Review: Forget GlaDOS, Be Afraid of Cthulhu

magrunner 1 thumb

Throw Cthulhu into a game that’s not unlike Portal, and you have a puzzler that’s clever, as well as spooky.

Rogue Legacy Review: A Stellar Cellar Door Game


A fresh and innovative take on the classic sidescrolling formula make this legacy one worth remembering.

Rush Bros Review: Rushed and Flawed


Rush Bros rushes too quickly to the finish line, leaving behind good mechanics in the process.

For One Indie Dev, Steam Greenlight Turns Red

paranautical activity 1 thumb

Two-man developer Code Avarice is scrambling to reboot its Steam Greenlight campaign after Valve’s rules barred it from releasing its game, Paranautical Activity, on Steam with the help of a publisher.

The Swapper Walkthrough


Swap brains with Mitch and learn how to overcome The Swapper’s obtuse obstacles.

Four Minimalist Ludum Dare 26 Titles You Should Try

geneva-convection thumb

Indie Gems is an ongoing feature in which we highlight small groups of similar indie games, often united by a…

Can Indie Devs Self-Publish on Xbox One? Maybe Not


For complete Xbox One coverage yesterday: Check out our full reveal, and stay tuned to for full coverage and analysis. Information…

Monaco Review: A Stolen Heart


There is nothing quite like setting up a heist with your best friends. Monaco knows that feeling.

Sang-Froid Review: Alone Against The Wolves


Sang-Froid can’t make up its mind. At least it has a great atmosphere.

Fez Coming To Steam May 1st


Polytron’s indie darling finally has a PC release date.

Here’s What PC Needs to Do to Beat Playstation 4

playstation 4 controller thumb

Ensuring ease of use and quality content will keep PC competitive even against Sony’s next-gen juggernaut.

Oozi: Earth Adventure Review: Frustrating, But Familiar

oozi 3 thum

The 2-D platforming genre is so old and well-represented by amazing titles at this point that it must be hard…

Listen to Game Front’s Ultimate Game Music Playlist on Spotify

ultimate game music playlist thumb

We made some playlists we think you might enjoy. Check ‘em out and add your own favorite tracks.

One Late Night: Ghosts in the Office Make for Creepy Moments

horrorscope one late night thumb

Indie title One Late Night is a ghost story set in a small office, and it’s free.

Indie Royale Offers Six Games for $6 for Valentine’s Day

serious sam bfe thumb

Get games for cheap this weekend.

James vs. Games 19: James vs. Surgeon Simulator 2013 (VIDEO)

surgeon simulator 2013 thumb

James tries his hand at (simulated) open-heart surgery, with lethal results.

Proteus Review: Still Beautiful, Now Slightly Less Empty

proteus 7 thumb

Proteus is gorgeous, but its short length and lack of much of anything to do will turn off some players.

Kickstarted Stealth Title Republique Gets New Screen Shots

republique 1 thumb

Check out some new images from the Unity engine stealth-survival game.

Indie Royale Gets Complex with the Evolved Bundle


Five more indie games to whet the appetite.

Luminesca Preview: Lights in the Deep

luminesca 1 thumb

A beautiful but simple art style isn’t just for show in Luminesca, and it makes exploring this undersea world pretty engaging.

2013 IGF Finalists: Seamus McNally Grand Prize


These games sure are grand! (rimshot) (canned laughter)

Check Out Deepfall Dungeon, a Free 3-D Dungeon Crawler

deepfall dungeon thumb

Need more old-school in your life? Then check this out.

2013 IGF Finalists: Nuovo


The oddest bunch of games you’ve ever played.

Haunt Brings Gorgeous Look, Wider World to Slender Games

haunt horroscope thumb

Another Slenderman title inspired by Parsec Productions’ Slender, Haunt brings great visuals to bear in its take.

2013 IGF Finalists: Excellence in Audio


These are games you can believe your ears about

2013 IGF Finalists: Excellence in Design


The most important aspect of a game is how fun it is, right?

Indie Royale Rolls Out Snowstorm Bundle of Six Games

resonance 1 thumb

The bundle includes Resonance, which is worth the cost of admission on its own.

IGF Announces 2013 Finalists


Do you like indie games? Of course you do, indie games are, in the parlance of our time, the coolest….

Humble Indie Bundle 7 Launches with Binding of Isaac and More


The latest pay-what-you-want indie compilation from the Humble Bundle has gone live, offering a chance to own six great games…

Indie Game of the Year 2012


From a new twist on 2D platformers to an innovative FPS-RTS hybrid, these are the best indie titles of the year.

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