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Indie Royale’s Xmas Bundle 2.0 Features Two Serious Sam Games

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Get some cheap games!

Free Platformer Perspective Makes You Remake a 2-D World

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You should definitely play this.

‘Bleed’ is a Retro Run-and-Gun Shooter with Mind-Blowing Gameplay


Imagine the gunplay of Max Payne in a 2D, side-scrolling shooter.

IGF Winner Monaco Goes Up For Pre-Order, Comes With Prototype


The IGF Grand Prize winner gets closer to release.

You Have to Check Out This Indie Sports Competition


These definitely aren’t your average sports games.

Hit Xbox Live Indie Games Title Dead Pixels Live on Steam


Randomly generated survival game is an homage to the NES hit River City Ransom.

Journey Soundtrack Gets a Grammy Nomination


The exceptional indie adventure’s score is going up some big-name Hollywood offerings.

IGF 2013 Finalists Will Get Steam Distribution


It’s huge news to indie developers and gamers alike.

Kickstarter Consideration: Fist Of Awesome


I want this to happen.

Is #1reasonwhy A Turning Point?


We are cautiously optimistic.

Watch Indie Devs Take the Stage at MineCon 2012


The developers behind Prison Architect, Thomas Was Alone, and more discuss their creations.

Indie Speed Run Game Jam Begins, Judged By Notch And More


Developers have just 48 hours to make a game — and have it judged by industry greats.

Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight Games Chosen


A fantasy adventure, a Zelda-style hack n’ slash, and more are on the way.

Minecraft 1.5 ‘Redstone Update’ Due January 2013


Get ready for more ways to build in the indie mega-hit.

Be Thankful For These Fantastic Free Indie Games


Free is better than not-free, right?

Little Inferno Lets You Burn Yesterday’s Toys Today


New game from the creators of World of Goo is delightfully twisted.

‘VVVVVV’ Creator Launching Super Hexagon on Steam November 27


The frantic indie arcade title will soon be ready to destroy your keyboard.

Indie Royale Launches Tasty ‘Stuffing Bundle’ With Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Four More


Get the action-RTS and and more for one (very) low price.

Vote on Double Fine’s Next ‘Amnesia Fortnight’ Games Via Humble Bundle


You choose which pitches get prototyped — then download them when they’re ready.

Noteworthy: Game Music Bundle Offers Five Soundtracks for $1


Or get 10 albums for $10 — music to our ears!

Humble Bundle Adds Five Games, If You Beat the Average


Pay-what-you-want indie collection gains Canabalt, Cogs, and more.

Indie Royale Harvest Bundle Hits with Seven Titles in Tow


Mutant Mudds and six more can be yours for a small fee.

Humble Bundle for Android 4 Live, Includes Sworcery and More for PC


Give to charity and get some great indie games in return. It’s win-win!

Natural Selection 2 Review: Beautiful, Startling Complexity

natural selection 2 12 thumb

Natural Selection 2 promises a lot, and delivers on everything, bringing a marvelously deep multiplayer experience.

Game Front is Ramping Up Indie Coverage and We Want Your Help


You’re about to see more indie game coverage on the site than ever before — and we want you to get involved!

Indie Royale Rolls out Halloween Game Bundle

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Pay what you want for five games.

First Teaser For Little Inferno, From World Of Goo Dev



Download the Demo for Indie 3-D Puzzler Kairo Now

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Explore some weird worlds.

FTL Review: Fleeing Certain Death Pretty Much Constantly

ftl 2 thumb

A great Rogue-like strategy title, FTL will keep you busy (dying) for hours.

Humble Bundle 6: Six Solid Indie Titles and Soundtracks

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Get ‘em now for whatever you want to pay.

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