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Trauma Review

trauma 2 thumb

An indie point-and-click adventure game built out of still photos, Trauma is an intriguing indie title with a great price tag.

Practice Your Turn-Based Psychic Combat with Telepath RPG: Servants of God Demo

telepath rpg thumb

Unfortunately, you can’t seem to make people’s heads explode, Scanners-style.

Indie Adventure To The Moon Looks Kinda Like Chrono Trigger (TRAILER)

to the moon thumb

Hope it’s also as engaging as Chrono Trigger.

Daily Independent: Ready Your Towers in Genre-Mixing RTS Revenge of the Titans

revenge of the titans di thumb

As always, Earth needs your protection, so use your resources wisely and limber up your clicking finger.

Humble Indie Bundle 3 Purchasers Now Also Get Humble Indie Bundle 2

braid thumb

You should probably give them more money. They deserve it.

Steel Storm Joins Humble Indie Bundle 3

steel storm thumb

If you haven’t bought this yet, why haven’t you bought this yet?

Daily Independent: Pay What You Want for Minimalist Beauty in Fotonica

fotonica 1 di thumb

It’s a little bit Mirror’s Edge, but also a little bit Rez and a little bit Virtual Boy. But it’s all fun.

Comic-Con 2011: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Hands-On Preview

insanely twisted 1 thumb

We delve into the twisted depths of Michele Gagne’s shadowy planet.

Daily Independent: Explore a Weirdo Dimension in VVVVVV

vvvvvv 1 thumb

Defy gravity on the cheap by grabbing VVVVVV as part of the Humble Indie Bundle No. 3.

Humble Indie Bundle No. 3 Now Available — Name Your Own Price

and yet it moves thumb

Five new games for however much money you feel good about not donating to charity, jerk.

It’s Text Adventure Time in Dead Cyborg (TRAILER)

dead cyborg thumb

First-person 3-D text-based adventure game. Check it out.

Alpha Polaris Review

alpha polaris thumb

It’s not perfect, but indie PC title Alpha Polaris delivers an atmospheric and challenging point-and-click adventure at a decent price.

Daily Independent: Cthulhu is the Lord of Humor in Cthulhu Saves the World

cthulu id thumb

Onward to heroism!

Daily Independent: Some Smart Puzzle Platforming to Be Had in BEEP

beep 3 daily ind thumb

Imagine Mario with Gordon Freeman’s brain. But with robots.

Daily Independent: Get Your 8-Bit Metroidvania on in Celestial Mechanica

celestial mechanica thumb

The price is right for this quick romp through 8-bit platforming adventure.

Daily Independent: Grab 3 Friends for FPS/Tower Defense in Sanctum

sanctum 1 thumb

A solid game anyway, Sanctum is available on Steam today for $5, and you shouldn’t miss it at that price.

Mechanic Infantry’s Concept Art Shows a Creepy, Robot-Run World (SCREENSHOTS)

mechanic infantry 4 thumb

A land where robots rule and garbage covers everything is apparently a great place to set a game.

Daily Independent: Tough 2-D Platformer Mechanic Infantry is a Frustrating Good Time

mechanic infantry 2 thumb

If you like your old-school platformers challenging (read: killing you A LOT) and super-cheap, check out this one.

Check Out Mini Robot Wars – Kinda Like Plants vs. Zombies, But With Robots (DEMO)

mini robot wars thumb

Imagine if all the Mega Man enemies were your soldiers.

Proun Review

proun 3 thumb

This is one of those games you download and you feel cool for having discovered it.

Snag Pay-What-You-Want PC Racer Proun — It’s Great

proun thumb

A 3-D racing game with modern art influences that is free, but you should pay for.

Pay Five Bucks, Grab Five Indie PC Games

steel storm thumb

If you’re looking for new games on the cheap, this is about the best deal you could hope for.

E3 2011 – IndieCade In-Depth


Get a look at the international festival and three of its featured games.

Minecraft Rakes in an Insane $33 Million

mineraft thumb

Clearly I need to change my job to ‘indie darling.’

Check Out Sheep-Hit


A quasi-proof of concept video for the weirdest game idea since birds were flung at pigs. What’s the French word for win?

Check Out A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda


Think Super Metroid meets Robotech. Grab a towel.

Panda Rampage. Panda Rampage. Panda. Rampage.


This is probably humanity’s greatest cultural achievment.

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