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Brian Fargo: Bard’s Tale IV Won’t Disrupt Other Projects


InXile Entertainment’s other projects won’t be delayd by the addition of Bard’s Tale IV. That, at least, is the indication…

InXile Announces Bard’s Tale IV


InXile Entertainment has officially announced that it’s working a new sequel to the classic role-playing game The Bard’s Tale. Speaking…

James’ Top 5 Games of 2014


Editor’s Note: All this week, we’ll be featuring the top 5 games of 2014 from each of our individual staffers,…

GameFront’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Clothing


Table of Contents Not everything that comes with being a gamer is tech and titles. Wearing your fandom on your…

Wasteland 2 Gets New September Release Date


Wasteland 2 will officially release on September 19th, 2014. This new launch date was revealed today by series creator Brian…

Wasteland 2 Dev: Working for Publishers is Like “Slave Labor”


Wasteland 2’s Brian Fargo believes that the dynamic between publishers and developers becomes too strained when large amounts of money…

Wasteland 2 Releasing this August

Wasteland 2

inXile Entertainment has revealed the launch window for Wasteland 2. The game’s August release was announced by inXile’s Brian Fargo…

inXile CEO Brian Fargo Declares Valve “the savior of the PC”


Brian Fargo, the CEO of Wasteland 2 developer inXile, says that Valve is, “the saviours of the PC,” as far…

Escape From L.A.: Wasteland 2′s Other Major Area


The Rangers are headed to La-La Land. In the latest update for Wasteland 2, developer inXile reveals that the full…

Wasteland 2 Release Date Unclear, Next Beta Update Monday


In the goateed, just slightly off Mirror Universe of crowdfunded game development, release dates are nebulous figures that shift and…

Party Up: Wasteland 2 Beta Ready For Backers


Let the blood-sausage-like mind explosions commence. InXile has released the beta of Wasteland 2 to backers who contributed $55 or…

UPDATE! Fargo: Wasteland 2 Beta “Within 2.5 Weeks”


UPDATE: It appears Brian Fargo’s November 25 prediction that the Wasteland 2 beta would be ready for backers “within 2.5…

Turn-Based or Real-Time? Vote on Torment: Tides of Numenera


To be turn-based or to be real-time with pause? That is the Hamlet inXile is currently posing in regard to…

Wasteland 1 Out Now on Digital Platforms

wasteland 1

Though everybody is eagerly awaiting the arrival of inXile’s Wasteland 2, you can now get the 25-year-old original game today…

Wasteland 2 Crowdsourcing 3D Models


And they’re paying.

Finally, Some Wasteland 2 Footage Hits The Web


Scorpions attack!

Free Of ‘Corporate Overlords’, Wasteland 2 Progress ‘Kicking Ass’



Check Out Inxile’s First Wasteland 2 Screen Shot

wasteland 2 thumb

It’s happening!

Wasteland 2 Will Come With The OG Wasteland


And probably rainbows and ponies too.

inXile Reveals First Wasteland 2 Concept Art


It’s appropriately gritty, rides on a steel horse, and is wanted… dead or aliiive.

Obsidian Wants In On Wasteland 2. We Have To Make This Happen.


Hommina hommina hommina.

inXile Raises $777,000 For Wasteland 2 In Less Than A Day


And they’ve already r

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge ‘At War With Monsters’ (Video)


This video makes video game design looks like the most hardcore, badass job possible.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge “Call of the Forge” Trailer (Video)


There’s a lot of blood in this one. Blood. Blood. Blood.