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RaOne: Genesis – iOS Trailer

Find out how you’ll be passing the time on your next bus trip – Bollywood Style!

Hector: Badge of Carnage Devs Give Some Quick Behind-the-Scenes Insights (TRAILER)

hector 1 thumb

A quick look inside a game about a disgusting town and it’s equally disgusting leading detective.

Toki Tori 2 – Announcement Trailer


It’s only been 10 years!

Defenders of Ardania Mixes RTS Sensibilities with Tower Defense (PREVIEW)

defenders of ardania 1 thumb

The foundation is tower defense, but adding elements like attacking, leveling up, hero units and magic makes Defenders of Ardania pretty deep.

Mobile MMO Star Legends Will Be Google Chrome’s First Multiplayer, 3-D Game

star legends thumb

Bite-sized mobile MMORPG coming to a web browser near you. And you can play with people who play on their phones.

Grand Theft Auto III Coming to Phones

GTA3 anniversary

Only on powerful enough phones.

Squids – Launch Trailer


It would be nice if the game involved launching squids. Oh wait, it kind of does!

Newell Thinks Apple Might Be Looking to Kill Consoles (and He’s Probably Right)

gabe newell thumb

Apple’s latest iOS update can put mobile games on your TV. Gabe thinks a standalone Apple gaming device is coming.

Burnout Crash Going Mobile

burnout crash

To your phone!

Aiko Island – Gameplay Trailer


DAAAAAWWW, non copyright infringing Muppets puppets!

Steve Jobs and Apple’s Lasting Impact on the Gaming Landscape

steve jobs thumb

The products Apple created with Steve Jobs at the helm, and the culture they engendered, will continue to change the face of gaming.

Apple’s iPhone 4S Probably Won’t Mean a Big Leap in Gaming – Yet

iphone 4s thumb

The new iPhone has a powerful new processor, but it’s iOS 5 you should be looking out for.

Epic, Apple Announce Infinity Blade 2 at iPhone Event (TRAILER)

infinity blade II thumb

It’ll look awesome on the iPhone 4S, just pretty good on the iPhone 4.

FIFA 12 Review: This Game is a Game


Electronic Arts finds the back of the net again.



Hooray for non-payment!

Hector: Badge of Carnage – Episode 3: Beyond Reasonable Doom Trailer


I think we can all agree that “The Red Badge of Carnage” would be a much more awesome title for a classic novel, right?

Wait — Could You Be a Bad Guy in The Dark Meadow? Nice. (TRAILER)

dark meadow thumb

I really hope you’re morally ambiguous as you fight off monsters in this iPhone game.

Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 3 Review

hector episode 3 1 thumb

A satisfying conclusion and a great pace make the last third of Hector: Badge of Carnage the best third.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem – Comedy Trailer

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Logo

Even more invertebrate carnage.

Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition: iOS Trailer

Another World_1

Thrill to the early 90s graphics and sound and remember what using a PC was like before GUI, on your iPad!

New Dungeon Defenders Dev Diary Discusses Defensive Development


Don’t dilly-dally! Download directly!

GameStop to Offer a Branded Android Tablet, Streaming Console Games

gamestop tablet thumb

It’s bringing a branded device to help it compete with OnLive.

Learn More about Dungeon Defenders with a Dev Diary (VIDEO)


Most colorful Dungeon ever!

Dead Island Gets an Island Map App

dead island 15 thumb

Extremely helpful for navigating this insanely huge game.

Report: GameStop to Start Buying Old iPads, iPods, iPhones and Selling Them

iphone 4 thumb

Sell your premium electronics for a fraction of what you paid.

Angry Birds Gets into Everything, Including Mario and a Queen Song

angrybirds2 thumb

Five mash-up videos of Angry Birds getting out to places they shouldn’t.

Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 2 Review

hector episode 2 1 thumb

Funnier, longer and with better puzzles, Hector: Episode 2 hits a stride early in its four-hour running time and maintains it.

Halfbrick Says 2,000 Hours of Gameplay in Jetpack Joyride (TRAILER)

machine gun jetpack 2 thumb

And I’m not entirely sure they’re joking.

Cute Puzzler Furmins Heading to iPhone, iPad in October (TRAILER)

furmins thumb

From the guys who brought us Outland and Dead Nation.

Jurassic Park Launching in November

jurassc park

Must go faster.

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