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EA Hints at New Player ID Technology


I think they want to get to know you better.

Angry Birds Surpasses 1 Billion Downloads


You did this. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

‘Stealth Survival’ République Rallies to Hit Kickstarter Goal

republique thumb

A come-from-behind victory for a cool-sounding game.

EA Borgifying All Brands Into ‘Online Universes’


Tick tock, fans of a certain Canadian developer. Tick Tock.

Penny Arcade Adventures 3 Preview: Big Pixels, Big Words


We struggle for balance on the Rain-slicked Precipice of Darkness.

Zeboyd Releases New Penny Arcade Adventures Screens


Build a cool indie game, get a prestigious new gig. More of that, please.

EA Slaps Mass Effect 3 Codex into a Free iOS App

mass effect galaxy at war thumb

Hook back into the Mass Effect universe from your phone, and increase your War Readiness.

Double Fine Adventure Will Get Voice Acting, Multiple Translations, Mobile Versions (VIDEO)

double fine schafer thumb

That’s what Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert are doing with all that money.

Mass Effect 3′s Galaxy at War Extensions: a Shooter Mobile Game and Texts from Characters

mass effect infiltrator thumb

Mobile apps, Facebook apps and multiplayer are expanding the Mass Effect universe.

Steam Mobile App Now Open to Everybody

steam app thumb

Commence purchasing games while pooping.

Steam Gets an iPhone App — Now You Can Impulse Buy Games While Pooping

steam app thumb

You’ll need a beta invite to use it, though.

Splash Damage Says It’ll Be Announcing New Titles On New Platforms

brink thumb

Sounds like mobile games, as well as PC love, too.

Rockstar Changed “About 1%” Of GTA III After 9/11


So can we finally put this conversation to rest now?

The GTA III 10th Anniversary Edition Is Moddable.


Whether or not you want to jailbreak your iPad or iPhone is another question entirely.

EA Reveals Command and Conquer In Your Browser and On Your Phone (TRAILER)

tiberium alliances 12-14-11

It’s an MMORTS!

Chrono Trigger Hits iPhone, iPad — Hooray!

chronotrigger thumb

It’ll cost you 10 bucks, but for Chrono Trigger, isn’t that worth it?

OnLive Launches Phone and Tablet App Today

onlive app 1

So you can get to playing right now as you sit on the toilet.

Grand Theft Auto III Hits iPhone, iPad, Android on Dec. 15

grand theft auto 3 android thumb

And it’ll only cost you $5.

Australian Band Recreates iPhone Games in Real Life (VIDEO)

angry birds thumb

This is distilled awesome.

Richard Garriott Thinks Phones Will Kill Home Consoles

iphone 4

He’s a f–king idiot.

Infinity Blade II Review

infinity blade 2 8 thumb

A year after Infinity Blade slashed through the App Store, ChAIR Entertainment does it again — but bigger and better in every way.

Dragon Shout App Lets You Use Your Smartphone to Navigate Skyrim

skyrim map thumb

You can annotate the map and share your markers with friends.

Infinity Blade 2 Walkthrough


Join our walkthrough and experience infinite beauty on the iOS

RaOne: Genesis – iOS Trailer

Find out how you’ll be passing the time on your next bus trip – Bollywood Style!

Hector: Badge of Carnage Devs Give Some Quick Behind-the-Scenes Insights (TRAILER)

hector 1 thumb

A quick look inside a game about a disgusting town and it’s equally disgusting leading detective.

Toki Tori 2 – Announcement Trailer


It’s only been 10 years!

Check Out Break’s New iPhone Game, Zombie Parkour Runner

zombie parkour runner

It’s a runner good time!

Mobile MMO Star Legends Will Be Google Chrome’s First Multiplayer, 3-D Game

star legends thumb

Bite-sized mobile MMORPG coming to a web browser near you. And you can play with people who play on their phones.

Grand Theft Auto III Coming to Phones

GTA3 anniversary

Only on powerful enough phones.

Squids – Launch Trailer


It would be nice if the game involved launching squids. Oh wait, it kind of does!

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