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Apple Rejects PopCap’s Edgy Unpleasant Horse from App Store

unpleasant horse thumb

But don’t cry “censorship” just yet.

Classic RPG LUNAR Remake Announced for iOS

lunar thumb

A great RPG that got remade for the Playstation is getting remade for the iPhone.

Atari Releasing 100 Classic Games for iPhone, iPad

atari_greatest_hits thumb

And they’re doing it in one app — tonight.

Infinity Blade Won’t Hit Android Any Time Soon

infinity blade thumb

Epic Games’ Infinity Blade has won awards and sold tons of copies among iPhone and iPad owners, but people who…

Angry Birds Rio Posts 10 Million Downloads in 10 Days

Angry-Birds-Rio thumb

Millions – perhaps BILLIONS – of virtual birds flung to their deaths to destroy awkward piles of debris.

OpenFeint Paying iOS Devs to Port to Android

xperia play thumb

In order to boost the complement of games on Google’s mobile operating system, OpenFeint’s offering $100 million to help.

Back to the Future: The Game ‘Episode 3: Citizen Brown Launch’ Trailer


Take a look at Episode 3!

Ring Blade Review

ring blade thumb

At first, I didn’t know what to make of Ring Blade, an iPhone vertical shooter of the “bullet hell” persuasion…

Angry Birds Is A Cash Cow


By 2021, the world’s reserve currency will probably be something called ‘Birders’.

Fight Night Champion Achievements


You could be a contender, if you snag some of these achievements.

Fight Night Champion Walkthrough


Yo, Adrian!

Gameloft Drops Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard Gameplay Trailer

shadow vanguard thumb

Finally, we get to see what Shadow Vanguard actually looks like, as well as when we’ll get to play it.

Researchers Wonder If Games Before Bed Screws With Your Sleepytime

Undead-Nightmare thumb

Stop crying, sissies. Sleep is for the weak — just ask Phil Owen.

GDC 11: Epic Unreal Engine 3 Rollout


A recap of our experience with the “Samaritan” Unreal Engine 3 demo.

Army of Darkness Castle Defense Taking a Boomstick to iPhone

army of darkness thumb

And it supposedly includes Bruce Campbell lines from the movie!

Infinity Blade Gets Its Big Content Update – 500MB Worth

infinity blade thumb

If you didn’t own this game before, you sure as hell should now.

GDC11: Short Dev Time, Graphics Axed Infinity Blade’s Bow and Arrow


Why didn’t several of the ‘mini-games’ make it into the final game?

EA Sports Launches Fight Night Champion on iPhone

fight night ios 1 thumbn

Just in time for the console release, EA Sports has an iPhone and iPad version of Fight Night Champion, complete with a lot of touch controls to remember.

GDC11: Big Content Update Coming for Infinity Blade, Maybe a Sequel

infinity blade thumb

ChAIR’s Donald Mustard says an update will expand Infinity Blade’s story, and the developer is “very interested” in expanding Infinity Blade and Shadow Complex — maybe with sequels.

GDC 11: Box 2D Creator Wants Credit for Angry Birds


An Angry Birds dev gets an interesting question at a GDC panel.

StarFront: Collision Review

starfront thumb

Despite being a ludicrously blatant StarCraft rip-off, Gameloft has still brought a high degree of skill and polish to its iPhone sci-fi RTS, and it performs well because of it.

Walkthrough Weekend: Bulletstorm, Killzone 3, and much more!


Kill your weekend with a storm of bullets!

Angry Birds Unseated As Top-Selling iPhone App — For Now

tiny wings thumb

Tiny Wings has taken the No. 1 Paid App Slot in the App Store, and with good reason — it’s lots of fun.

Minecraft Going Mobile

minecraft thumb

Will be available on iOS and Android.

Square Sending Final Fantasy III to iPhone

final fantasy III thumb

We know it’s due in March, but that’s it so far.

Notable Mobiles: iPhone Offerings Worth Attention This Week

iphone 4 thumb

Check out what’s been burning up our iPhone batteries for the last seven days.

Walkthrough Weekend: Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Stacking, and more!


It’s You vs. The Weekend, and this is your list of 50-hit combos.

GameFront iPhone App Now Available!


Watch out, world.

Halfbot Drops New Blocks Cometh Trailer

league blocks 2 thumb

The real version of the stolen game is set to hit the App Store any day.

Notable Mobiles: iPhone’s Best Games of the Week

iphone 4 thumb

Having trouble finding something new worth playing on your iPhone? Check out the games our favorite findings from this week.

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