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Gameloft Bringing Rainbow Six to iPhone (VIDEO)

rainbow six iphone thumb

Here’s a trailer that shows you nothing about the game and gives no information whatsoever.

Homage or Plagiarism?


Tired of games that rip-off your favorite franchises? Not so fast, grasshopper. Maybe you should step back, think for a second, and read this.

Dead Space for iPhone Looks Scary and Awesome (VIDEO)

dead space ipad thumb

We finally get to see Dead Space in motion on an iPhone. It doesn’t disappoint.

Gameloft’s Tease is Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden (VIDEO)

sacred odyssey thumb

And yeah, it looks like a mobile take on Zelda.

‘Splosion Man vs. MaXplosion: On Imitation, Cloning and Ethics

splosion edit thumb

Capcom Mobile’s iPhone copy of ‘Splosion Man, MaXplosion, is blatant, insulting and almost completely without consequences. Why you should be annoyed.

Get a Few EA iDevice Games for a Big Discount Today

rock band reloaded thumb

Grab a few of EA’s big games, including Rock Band Reloaded, Madden NFL 11 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat, while they’re on sale today.

14-Year-Old Dethrones Angry Birds in the iTunes Free Column

bubble ball thumb

A kid made a physics puzzler and suddenly it’s the top free game on iTunes with 2 million downloads in two weeks. Bet he wishes he’d charged money for it.

Notable Mobiles: A Week’s Worth of iPhone Games

iphone 4 thumb

Having scoured the iPhone App Store during the last week, we’ve found a few interesting and notable games worth taking checking out.

Walkthrough Weekend: Lost in Shadow, Ilomilo, Dead Rising 2: Case West, and More!


Thank God It’s Walkthrough Weekend! Our guide to spending your free time kicking a$$.

Capcom Responds to Twisted Pixel’s ‘Splosion Man Ripoff Tweets

maxplosion thumb

Capcom says it didn’t steal Twisted Pixel’s game, but it still hopes to “rebuild the trust of our fans.”

Why You Should Care About Mobile Gaming

LG-Optimus-2X thumb

It’s growing out of control. Pretty soon, you could be virtually shooting, racing or stiff-arming players who aren’t in front of a TV or computer screen, but on a phone.

‘Splosion Man Creators Think Capcom Ripped Them Off

splosion thumb

Twisted Pixels had some harsh words for Capcom’s new MaXplosion iPhone game on Twitter, but denies they’re thinking about legal action.

Microsoft to Apple: You Can’t Trademark ‘App Store’

app store thumb

Microsoft has filed a motion to attempt to stop an Apple trademark, mostly because it wants people to remember that yes, Windows Phone 7 has apps, too.

Check Out This Limited Edition N.O.V.A. 2 Figure (GALLERY)

kal thumb

This cool Kal Wardin figure makes me think that small-scale game makers are on their way to becoming big movers in the game industry. But that might just be me.

Euro Playstation Owners Can View Trophies on iPhone PS App

playstation app thumb

Sounds not really all that useful.

Gameloft Teases New iPhone Game with Facebook Campaign (VIDEO)

gameloft teaser thumb

N.O.V.A. 2 maker Gameloft is known for taking well-known, successful console game franchises and … let’s say, using them to…

Death Rally iPhone Remake Due in March (VIDEO)

death rally thumb

Remedy is working with iPhone developer Mountain Sheep to bring a Death Rally remake to the small screen.

Apple Makes iPhone Available to 93 Million Verizon Customers

iphone 4 thumb

Yup, Verizon got the iPhone, and added HotSync, a mobile hotspot feature that can tether up to five devices. You can get yours on Feb. 10.

Devil May Cry 4 iPhone Puts You in Control of Nero (VIDEO)


Take on monsters and demons as Nero in Capcom’s new 10-level iPhone romp.

Capcom Takes iPhone Online with Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs. (VIDEO)

re mercenaries thumb

Capcom’s upcoming iOS Mercenaries title features online multiplayer, but it still needs work before it’s ready to play.

Wesley Snipes Gets a Video Game, Apparently

julius styles thumb

He’s working on an iPhone game from prison, based on his movies.

Everybody Thinks Verizon is Announcing an iPhone Tuesday

iphone 4 thumb

I’m buying it: Verizon iPhone 4 announcement tomorrow, just in time for Dead Space to drop on iOS.

Capcom Arcade on iPhone Adds Ghosts n’ Goblins

capcom arcade thumb

Just like Capcom Arcade on the Wii Virtual Console, you can play a small-scale freemium version of Ghosts n’ Goblins, along with a few other Capcom classics.

Walkthrough Weekend: Lost in Shadow, Ilomilo, Dead Rising 2: Case West, and More!


All the information you’ll need to have an epic gaming weekend!

Gameloft Partners with Panasonic to Put Games Straight to Connected TVs


The iDevice is beaming some of its popular games straight to TVs, with no console, phone or other objects needed in between.

Apple Launches Mac App Store: Bring on Angry Birds

app store thumb

Apple brings the iOS App Store experience to Macs, complete with some of the more popular games on the iPhone and iPad.

What to Expect from Angry Birds on BlackBerry

angry birds thumb

Thanks to Reddit, BlackBerry owners have a concept of the iPhone’s most popular game. They probably won’t like it, though.

Dead Space iOS Game Will Launch Same Day as Dead Space 2

dead space ipad thumb

Dead Space’s iPhone/iPad outing has a release date. Now all we need is a price.

New Screens Make Dead Space on iPad Look Awesome

dead space ipad thumb

Details are a little thin, but the one thing we know for sure about Dead Space on iOS: it’s pretty.

iPhone Developer Firemint Buys Infinite Interactive


Two companies that make addictive games just became one company that’ll probably make super-addictive games.

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