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BioShock Infinite Miraculously Won’t Be Ruined By Multiplayer



New BioShock Infinite Trailer Shows Off Columbia, Ultimate Edition

bioshock infinite vox thumb

That Ultimate Edition comes with a Songbird statue, but it’ll cost you.

BioShock Infinite Board Game in the Works

bioshock infinite board game thumb

You’ll take on the role of one of two factions trying to take over the game’s floating city of Columbia.

Pre-Order BioShock Infinite, Play a Mini-Game To Earn In-Game Rewards

bioshock infinite industrial revolution thumb

You might need to re-pre-order to get your code, though.

Gears of War Producer Fergusson Joins BioShock: Infinite Team

gears 3 beta thumb

That’s an interesting move.

2 Key Bioshock Infinite Dev Team Members Quit Irrational Games


This might not be a ruh roh moment, however.

Was BioShock: Infinite Delayed To Add Multiplayer?



PAX East 2012 Preview: The Big Games List


Check out our 2012 coverage plan!

Ken Levine: Bioshock Infinite Has WAY More Writing Than Bioshock 1


Bioshock’s Big Daddy delivers an exciting update!

BioShock Infinite – Heavy Hitters Part 3: Boys of Silence (VIDEO)


Enjoy patriotic destruction!

BioShock Infinite Release Date Announced


It’s coming just in time for the US Presidential election.

Check Out This Great (Hot) BioShock: Infinite Cosplay (PIC)

bioshock infinite cosplay thumb

Strikingly similar to what’s in the game.

The 5 Best-Reviewed Games You Might Not Have Heard Of


Hmm…The Orange Box. Is that about citrus farming?

See the Bioshock Infinite Demo We Saw at E3 (VIDEO)

bioshock infinite vox 2 thumb

Here’s a huge amount of gameplay and story that you’ve never seen before.

Ken Levine Explains Those Tears in Reality in BioShock Infinite (VIDEO)

bioshock infinite dead horse thumb

It makes a little more sense after you watch this.

The Vox Populi Want to Murder You in BioShock: Infinite (TRAILER)

bioshock infinite vox thumb

Civil war grips the floating city of Columbia. Check out this video of Ken Levine explaining why.

E3 2011 – BioShock Infinite Looks Great, But Also Like It’s On Rails

bioshock infinite vox 2 thumb

After seeing Irrational Games’ live demo at E3, I can’t wait to get my hands on the new BioShock — even if it does look like the game will be more watching than playing.

Ken Levine Explains BioShock: Infinite’s Sky-Line Rail System (TRAILER)

bioshock infinite thumb

Letting people fly didn’t really cut it, so Irrational added rollercoasters to Infinite.

The Wild Blue Yonder is a Dangerous-Looking Place in Bioshock Infinite (SCREENS)

bioshock infinite thumb

People aren’t happy. And they’re probably insane.

Irrational Games Wants To Send Someone To E3


The BioShock Infinite devs are having a little contest. The winner gets a free trip to LA and 3 days with the nerdiest people on earth.

Check Out This Fan-Made Sander Cohen Mask Replica

cohen mask thumb

Another cool thing on which to waste your disposable income.

Bioshock Tops Off What Could Be Coolest Wedding Ever

bioshock cake topper thumb

This couple had a lightly Bioshock-themed wedding, and it didn’t involve cosplay or weirdness of any kind. That’s tricky, but they pulled it off.

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