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James vs Games Episode 73 – Alien Isolation


Watch James and Mitch get scared out of his senses as they takes on the just released, Alien: Isolation. The…

James vs Games Episode 72 – We Return to Dark Souls 2


In this episode of James vs Games, James returns to the fan favorite game, Dark Souls 2 and must defeat…

James vs Games Pits James Against Fenix Rage


In this edition of James vs. Games, James takes on an unreleased title called Fenix Rage. Fenix Rage, described by…

James vs Games Episode 69 – Portal


In this edition of James vs. Games, James takes on a game that challenges the friendship of even the closest…

James vs. Games Episode 65 – Mario Kart 8


In this edition of James vs. Games, James must use his “pro-gaming” prowess to finish in one of the top…

James vs. Games 64 – EA Sports UFC


With the guidance of Mitch (if you want to call it that), James heads into the Octogan in EA Sports…

James vs. Games 61 — Punch Out Wii

james vs games punch out thumb

Last time James was in the ring, it was 20 years ago. He took down Mike Tyson that day, cementing…

James Vs Games Episode 57 – Cloudbuilt


In this episode, James takes on the indie title, Cloudbuilt. “Cloudbuilt sees quick wits and even quicker reflexes become your…

James vs. Games 56 — Luftrausers


“How do you turn?” “You’ve been turning this entire time, I don’t understand how you don’t know how to turn.”…

James vs. Games 55 — One Finger Death Punch

one finger death punch thumb

James takes on 300 enemies in One Finger Death Punch; failure means he’ll have to cuss at his grandma.

James vs. Games 54 — James vs. Towerfall

james vs games 54 thumb

Can James defeat Towerfall, or will he have to swear at his grandma?

James vs. Games 53 — Welcome to Dark Souls 2

james vs games 53 dark souls 2 thumb

Can James reach and beat The Last Giant in Dark Souls II in under 30 minutes with just five lives?

James vs. Games 52 – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

james vs games 52 donkey kong thumb

Can James best Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and avoid super-hot pepper punishment?

James vs. Games 51: James vs. A Bunch of Wrestlers in WWE 2K14

james vs games 51 thumb

James’ hair is unstoppable, according to the comments.

James vs. Games 50: James Takes on Mega Man 2

james vs games 50 thumb

Can James defeat Metal Man, or will he find himself going the way of Needle Boy?

James vs. Games 47 – Aban Hawkins and the 1000 Spikes

james vs games teaser thumb

This week, Mitch doesn’t have a horrifying immediate consequence for failure as he did last week, so regular ole humiliation…

James vs. Games: Ninja Gaiden 2, For Real This Time


The last time Mitch made James play Ninja Geiden 2, it went well, because it was only the demo mode…

James vs. Games — Saving The Last Humans in Resogun

james v games

Resogun seems to be the best liked of the PlayStation 4 exclusive launch games, and for good reason: it’s super…

James vs. Games 41 — Batman: Arkham Origins

james v games

James vs. Games returns today with episode 41, in which James must make Batman beat 100 guys in one fight…

James vs. Games Episode 39: Volgarr the Viking


The challenge? Beat level 1 of Volgarr the Viking within 30 minutes.

James vs. Games Returns On Oct. 29! (VIDEO)

james vs games teaser thumb

More failure (and sometimes not failure) is on its way next week!

James vs. Games 38: Spelunky Redemption Challenge

james vs games 38 thumb

To wrap up the fourth season (we assume) of James vs. Games, James is getting a chance to return to Spelunky, beat a new challenge, and win the sought-after Max Payne 3 Bullet Pen.

James vs. Games 37: Deadpool


It’s James vs Deadpool.

James vs. Games 36: Bulletstorm


A storm of bullets, or else.

James vs. Games 28: Ms Splosion Man


In this episode, James takes on Ms Splosion Man.

James vs Games 30: James vs The Binding of Isaac


Lose and you get to play mustache Tetris with Hitler.

James vs Games 29: James vs Mob of the Dead


James takes on Mob of the Dead in this version of James vs Games.

James vs. Games 28: Super Meat Boy


Watch James torture himself with Super Meat Boy.

James vs. Games 25: James vs. Gears of War: Judgment

james vs games gears judgment thumb

Can James defeat the Locust and escape a Hammer of Dawn blast in just four minutes?

James vs. Games Ep. 22 – James vs. Bit Trip Runner 2 (VIDEO)

james vs games bit trip thumb

Can James best the rhythm action of the challenges Mitch has arrayed, or will he be forced to eat haggis?

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