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James vs. Games 20: James vs. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (VID)

james vs games 20 thumb

James, uh…gets real excited.

James vs. Games 19: James vs. Surgeon Simulator 2013 (VIDEO)

surgeon simulator 2013 thumb

James tries his hand at (simulated) open-heart surgery, with lethal results.

James vs. Games Special: Boss Battle Featuring James’s Boss (VID)

james vs games boss battle thumb

Can Mark defeat James’ challenge, or will he have to eat the dreaded Banana Slim Jim?

James vs. Games Special: James Teams Up with Epic Lloyd

james vs games epic lloyd thumb

James and Epic Lloyd take on Def Jam: Fight for New York.

James vs. Games 18: James vs. DmC: Devil May Cry

james vs games 18 thumb

It’s a punishment challenge for James, which means if he fails, he has to eat a gross banana.

James vs. Games 17: Anarchy Reigns (VIDEO)

james vs games 17 thumb

James takes on Anarchy Reigns and has to pull down two silver medals and complete three missions, all in 30 minutes.

It’s the Best of James vs. Games (VIDEOS)

best of james vs games thumb

All our favorite moments of James playing games and being punished from 2012.

James vs. Games 16: James vs. Hotline Miami (VIDEO)

hotline miami thumb

Can James defeat the Russian mobsters, or will he end up a bloody smear in a rubber mask?

James vs. Games 14 & 15: A James vs. Double-Header

arkham city nightwing thumb

Double the potential for failure!

James vs. Games 13: James vs. Mega Man 10

james vs games 13 thumb

Can James take down Sheep Man?

James vs. Games 12: James vs. Playstation All-Stars (VIDEO)

james vs games 12 thumb

Can James best a fighting game he’s never played?

James vs. Games Bonus: James vs. Mitch vs. Zac (VIDEO)

james vs games bonus thumb

The guys face off in Black Ops 2 for the chance to shoot each other with Nerf guns.

James vs. Games 11: James vs. Catherine (The Game)

james vs games 11 thumb

Can James defeat Catherine’s wiles?

James vs. Games 10: James vs. Trials Evolution

trials evolution thumb

Can James best the Gigatrack and avoid eating a raw onion?

James vs. Games 9: James vs. Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries (VID)

james vs games 9 thumb

Can James avoid the Nerf gun firing squad?

James vs. Games 8: James vs. Zac and League of Legends (VIDEO)

james vs games 8 thumb

James has joined a League of Legends team of subscribers to the Game Front YouTube Channels to take on Zac…

James vs. Games 7: James vs. Spelunky (and Ghost Peppers)

james vs games 7 thumb

Viewers have demanded that James suffer at the hands of ghost peppers.

James vs. Games 6: James vs. God Hand (VIDEO)

james vs games 6 thumb

Failure means James has to eat a ghost pepper candy.

James vs. Games 5: James vs. Vanquish (and Chest Hair)

james vs games 5 thumb

Can James defeat Vanquish and keep his chest hair?

James vs. Games 4: James vs. Devil May Cry 3

james vs games 4 thumb

Can James avoid oatmeal laced with Flaming Hot Cheetos?

James vs. Games 3: James vs. Super Meat Boy


Failure carries a high price this time around.

James vs. Games Ep 2: James Vs. Bayonetta


Humiliations galore. Or are there?

James vs. Games 1: James Takes on Ninja Gaiden Black (VIDEO)

james vs games thumb

A new video show that has James struggling with super-hard games. Also betting.

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