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Tropico 5 PC Beta Set for March


Co-op and competitive multiplayer is coming to the island of Tropico and would be El Presidentes will have the chance…

Kalypso Announces PS 4 Version of Tropico 5


We already knew El Presidente was planning a cigar-chomping return to politics. What we didn’t know was that Tropico 5′s…

Blood Knights is Kalypso’s New Action-RPG


Kalypso Media, the folks behind the Tropico series and the recently released wiseguy strategy game, Omerta: City of Gangsters, is…

Rise of Venice Walkthrough


Rule the Renaissance with the only capital that matters; money.

Rise of Venice Cheats


Better to rise than fade away.

DARK, Abridged: Sexy Time (VIDEO)

dark abridged 1 thumb

Game Front’s Mitchell Saltzman re-records dialog for DARK to tell you a new, hilarious story.

DARK Review: This Game Bites

dark thumb

Measuring the fangs of a new vampire stealth game from Kalypso and RealmForge Studios.

Kalypso Media Announces ‘Dark’



Tropico 4: Modern Times Preview


Good times? Bad times? Bad times.

Port Royale 3 Preview

PR3 (1)

It’s Port Royale…with cheese!

Legends of Pegasus Preview


4X. Even better than XXX.

Dungeons: The Dark Lord Gets Halloween Content Update with New Map

dungeon the dark lord thumb

Torture heroes while simultaneously mocking them with holiday-appropriate spells and effects.

Tropico 4 Review


Haemimont’s dictatorship sim looks and feels great, but can’t overcome its repetitive gameplay or casual racism.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Hands-on Preview


It was a dark and stormy night…

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Hands-on Preview


Back in Action, and now even more Jagged.

Dungeons: The Dark Lord Hands-on Preview


Tired of being the hero? Try torturing one.

New Tropico 4 Xbox 360 Screens


Viva las videoconsolas!

The First Templar Cheats

first templar 2 thumb

Find all the chinks in The First Templar’s armor.

The First Templar Walkthrough

first templar walk thumb

Get the answers to important riddles like “What is your name” and “What is your quest,” and get all the help you need to find the secrets of the Holy Grail.

The First Templar Achievements

The First Templar thumb

Find all the digital treasures on the quest for the Cup of Christ.