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Kane and Lynch 2 Gaming’s Most Notorious Criminals Trailer


What would you not do for love? For acceptance? When would you give up? For Kane and Lynch, there is no limit. Check out some hot violence in this video.

Kane and Lynch 2, Guild Wars 2, Ace Combat, Top Gun and Combat Arms File Downloads


A new batch of files and videos for your gaming addiction fix.

Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough


Don’t let anything get in your id-fueled way. Use our step-by-step Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough!

Kane and Lynch 2 Kane Ex-Mercenary and Psychopath Videos


Square Enix has released a two new trailers for Kane and Lynch 2. These trailers focus on Kane and the…

Four New Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Videos


Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Intense Behind the Scenes Trailer: See how the developers for Kane and Lynch 2…

Kane and Lynch 2 Trophies


Every single Kane & Lynch 2 Trophy listed! Study up and take note of which ones you’ll want adorning your trophy case.

Kane and Lynch 2 Cheats


Your one-stop Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days shop. Cheats, Achievements, Walkthoughs — all here.

Kane and Lynch 2 Achievements


All the gamerscore-plumping achievement points available in this anti-heroic title!

Kane and Lynch 2 Now Hitting a Week Early

Yep, ┬áthe latest adventures of the grizzled and emotionally scarred criminal duo have gone gold, and on top of that,…

Kane and Lynch E3 Trailer Kicks Your Ass

I love Kane and Lynch, and I’m having quite a strong reaction to the new E3 trailer for its sequel,…