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Pillars of Eternity Character Sheet is RPG Stats Gold


Full disclosure: I am not objective about this. I’m a backer and I’m unabashedly giddy over Obsidian’s Kickstarted old-school RPG,…

Final Fantasy: Tactics Creator Takes to Kickstarter for Unsung Story


Final Fantasy: Tactics. When talking about the best of the Final Fantasy franchise, that’s my instant answer. XII is amazing,…

The Broken Age: Act 1 Walkthrough


See what all the fuss is about. Double Fine’s Kickstarter adventure is finally available.

Broken Age Embargo Decree Disrespects Press, Backers

broken age 1 thumb

Double Fine’s email statement to Kickstarter backers dictating embargo information forgets players’ ownership of what they paid for, and the fact that the game wouldn’t exist without their money.



Get a handle on the choices and consequences of CONSORTIUM.

CONSORTIUM Achievements


Consort with the full list of achievements for the Kickstarted indie on Steam.

CONSORTIUM Walkthrough


Fly high in the sky with Game Front’s screenshot-filled tour of CONSORTIUM.

Kickstarter-Funded Unwritten Passage Suspended, ‘Out of Money’

unwritten thumb

Despite raising more than $75,000, indie title Unwritten Passage seems to be all but canceled.

Happy New Year! And Now, The Best Of Game Front In 2013


Despite our claims to the contrary, 2013 wasn’t all disappointing. Game Front had a lot of fun, and from time…

Still Going: Kickstarter Game Projects Generated $106 M in 2013


In 2012, Kickstarter became a game-funding phenom, with industry icons Tim Schafer, Chris Roberts, and Brian Fargo leading the way…

Early Access Could Encourage Developers to Exploit Players

early access thumb

Early Access is a cool idea that allows games that might not otherwise be to exist — but it also opens the door for developers to take advantage of players.

Game Front Podcast #13: Apathy, Kickstarter, Gaming Doomed?


Despite the usual severe slowing-down of video game news this time of year, this week still gave us lots to…

UPDATE! Fargo: Wasteland 2 Beta “Within 2.5 Weeks”


UPDATE: It appears Brian Fargo’s November 25 prediction that the Wasteland 2 beta would be ready for backers “within 2.5…

The Mandate Successfully Kickstarts, Nets $700,000

The Mandate Asteroid Belt 140x

Perihelion Interactive has successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign for its inaugural title, The Mandate. With a goal of $500,000, the…

Shadowrun Returns Goes DRM-Free, Heading to


Harebrained Schemes is taking Shadowrun Returns DRM-free, according to an update on the game’s Kickstarter page. Thanks to a new…

Honored Brings Your In-Game Achievements Into The Real World

Honored Logo 140x

Your in-game achievements are being brought to life through Honored.

One to Watch: Raindrop


If Myst and Half-Life had a menage a trois with DayZ, the unexpected offspring would likely look a lot like…

The Long Dark Hits Kickstarter Goal, Set for Fall 2014 Release

The Long Dark Logo 140x

The Long Dark Kickstarter is over, but the story has only just begun!

Star Citizen Crosses $22 Million, Adds Facial Capture Tech


Star Citizen ships and systems look gorgeous. Thanks to hitting its $22 million stretch goal, the crowdfunded space sim from…

The Long Dark Hits Kickstarter Goal


It’s official: The Long Dark will be a game. Well, if recent crowdfunding history is any indication, I should probably…

Chris Roberts Wants You to Design Your Own Starship

Don’t fancy any of the spaceships Chris Roberts and the team at CIG have created for Star Citizen? (My, aren’t…

Up, Up, and Away! City of Titans Kickstarted


The intensely loyal City of Heroes players who couldn’t save their beloved game have a new home. City of Titans,…

From the Ashes of City of Heroes Comes City of Titans


There’s loving a game and then there’s LOVING A GAME. It’s safe to put the petition-filing fans who attempted to…

Stephenson’s Kickstarted Sword Fighting Game Out of Money

Turns out sci-fi author Neal Stephenson won’t be the one to bring us the next generation of sword fighting games….

Hyper Light Drifter Blowing Up on Kickstarter, Gets PS4 Version


To be filed under Feel-Good Gaming Stories of 2013: Hyper Light Drifter. The pixelated dream billed as a mash-up of…

LOL @ Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

Tesla Effect, Wallpaper

Chris Jones’ Tex Murphy could give Tommy Wiseau’s Johnny a run for his money. The latest trailer for Tesla Effect:…

Holy Crowdfunding! Star Citizen Nears $18 Million


When any videogame Kickstarter hits its funding goal, it’s an impressive accomplishment. When a project crosses the magical $1 million…

Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter Hits Base Goal In a Day


Keiji Inafune’s attempt to kickstart the production of his totally-not-Mega Man-I-swear Mighty No. 9 project is already a success. It…

The Story of Dark Matter: When ‘Going Indie’ Goes Wrong


It takes more than a good game for a Kickstarter to succeed, much less make millions. Unless a project revives…

Chris Roberts Talks Star Citizen, The Last of Us, Broken Age, and More


Picking the mind of a crowd-funding, starfaring visionary.

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