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Interstellar Marines: Is the Shooter That Won’t Die Worth It?


After a decade of dropped funding and development debacles, Interstellar Marines is available on Steam Early Access. Should you dish out for this struggling shooter?

Comment of the Week: Kickstarter — All Risk, No Control


Kickstarter lets backers assume the risk of a traditional investor, without the degree of control that would normally come with it

Friday Flame War: The Kickstarter Ponzie Scheme


It seems like a long time for something to sink in, but this week the Internet as a whole got…

Camelot Unchained Dev: The Subscription Model Has to Evolve


Hopes for a minimum of 50,000 subscribers for Camelot Unchained.

Brian Fargo: Don’t Make Your First Game on Kickstarter


Brian Fargo shares his wisdom on Kickstarter-funded projects.

Kickstarter Games Earn Over $100m in Funding


Kickstarter has been a boon to game developers.

Kickstarted Stealth Title Republique Gets New Screen Shots

republique 1 thumb

Check out some new images from the Unity engine stealth-survival game.

Unwritten is a Strategy Game About Oral Histories

unwritten thumb

It’s turn-based, and your decisions affect your clan for generations.

Gas Powered Games Laying Off Developers, Had to ‘Slim WAY Down’

wildman thumb

Seems the company’s Kickstarter is not going as well as had been hoped.

Kickstarter 2012 in Review: $83M Pledged to 2800 Game Projects


561,574 backers for game projects.

Pathfinder Online to be Multi-Platform, 6 Days Left on Kickstarter


Thanks to Unity, Pathfinder Online can be played on up to two (2) operating systems!

Dreadline Is an RTS/RPG About Monsters Killing People About to Die

dreadline thumb

Looks fun.

Kickstarter Project Full Bore Combines Metroidvania and Mining

full bore 1 thumb

Kickstarter project Full Bore offers a free demo and some snappy pixel-art boars.

Kickstarter Game Misses $50,000 Goal by $28


Sad face.

Kickstarter Consideration: Fist Of Awesome


I want this to happen.

Avellone: “I’m Worried About Kickstarter Exhaustion.”

project eternity thumb

It’s not what you’re thinking though!

Designers Brathwaite and Hall Cancel Kickstarter Campaign

shaker thumb

Sounds like they’ll be back, though.

Project Eternity Kickstarter Breaks Record for Most Funded

project eternity thumb

People really love Obsidian.

Lots Of New Project Eternity Plans Detailed

project eternity thumb

So make a note.

PSA: Project Eternity Team Doing Live Chat Later Today

project eternity thumb

Head over to PC Gamer to participate.

Ex-Rare Staffers Want To Make Banjo-Kazooie Successor


Weird, but good.

Gigglesnort. 3D Realms Is Crowdfunding A New Game

kickstarter 2 thumb

Dont’ encourage them.

Gambitious: A New Crowdfunding Platform for the Gaming Industry


Kick over to Gambitious.

Obsidian: Publishers Are Trying to Abuse Kickstarter

project eternity thumb

Sounds awful slimy and shady.

Project Eternity Hits First Kickstarter Strech Goal, Adds New Race

project eternity thumb

Extra stuff is getting added, guys. Second stretch goal approaching.

Obsidian Kickstarter Raised $1 Million In 24 Hours


So it’s going to happen.

Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter Adds Galactic Warfare Stretch Goal

planetary annihilation thumb

Multiplayer could be an option for this space RTS.

Fund Broken Sword Kickstarter, Get Beneath a Steel Sky Sequel

beneath a steel sky thumb

Two games for the funding of one (kind of)!

New Screenshots From Double Fine’s ‘The Cave’ Emerge



Chris Avellone Teases Planescape Sequel Kickstarter


Which would be awesome.

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