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Solo $150 Kinect Launching in October


Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox One’s Kinect as a standalone peripheral October 7th. This news came to light yesterday…

GF Podcast 27: Microsoft Drops Kinect, E3 Rising

kinect gameplay thumb

We tackle the news this week, like Kinect, The Walking Dead Season 2, Take Two’s record-breaking financials and more.

Microsoft Didn’t ‘Listen’ To Fans About Kinect


A lot of interesting narratives popped up surrounding Microsoft’s announcement that it was (finally) offering its Xbox One without the…

Microsoft Announces Xbox One Without Kinect


Microsoft has announced that a lower-priced Xbox One model that doesn’t include Kinect will be released in June. Remember when…

Dragon Age: Inquisition For Xbox Likely To Use Voice Commands


The XBox versions of Dragon Age: Inquisition will most likely allow a player to use the Kinect for voice commands…

PSA: The Xbox One Kinect Does Not Have X-Ray Vision


No X-ray vision here. Move along, folks.

Video: Taking Xbox One’s Snap Feature For A Spin

Xbox Snap Internet Explorer 140x

One of the new UI features coming with the forthcoming Xbox One is Snap, a tool that allows you to…

Battlefield 4 Uses Xbox One Kinect For Lean & Voice Control

battlefield 4 thumb

When Battlefield 4 Hits the Xbox One later this month, the Kinect sensor will be a tool at your disposal…

Blocked! Kinect Mount for Xbox One Features Camera Cover


Microsoft’s Kinect is kinda like Chuck Norris; it doesn’t sleep, it waits. That’s a concept that’s a bit unsettling to…

Microsoft: “We Do Not Have Plans” To Sell Kinect User Data


Relax, everyone. Your Kinect Data is safe from Doritos and Mountain Dew.

So, What Will The Next Xbox One Reversal Be?


Which next-gen console will be better? Game Front gives the definitive opinion with our massive Xbox One vs. Playstation 4…

No, Xbox One’s DRM Reversal Didn’t Doom the Industry


Critics of Microsoft’s change of heart are missing the bigger picture. Here’s why.

Xbox One, Kinect Present a Bundle of Privacy Concerns

Untitled-12 thumb

With Kinect always on, an Internet connection that’s “required,” and all kinds of other data being sucked up by the Xbox One, Microsoft needs to answer some questions about privacy protections.

Xbox One Does Not Work Without Kinect


Microsoft’s Xbox One console will not function without the Kinect attached.

Meh To The Dead Space 3 Kinect Trailer

dead space 3 co-op thumb


Dead Space 3 Kinect Will Reward You For Cursing at Your TV

dead space 3 co-op thumb

Certain words will trigger hidden commands.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Walkthrough


What just might be the first true hardcore-centric game for Kinect. Try to survive the future of warfare and motion controls with our full walkthrough.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Achievements


Earn the Metal of Honor. You read that right.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Cheats


Lighten your heavy load with our extra info on the third Steel Battalion.

Bethesda Giving Away Skyrim-Themed 360 w/Kinect

xbox skyrim featured

To be inevitably sold by winner on Ebay.

Watch Game Front’s Tour Of Microsoft’s E3 2012 Booth


And laugh a lot.

Microsoft’s E3 Event Shows Focus on Everything But Games

halo 4 thumb

Microsoft’s game-light pre-E3 briefing signals that at least this year, other entertainment forms are key.

Bethesda Promises Skyrim DLC Info (UPDATED)

skyrim dragon battle thumb

Stay tuned!

Han Solo Dances in Kinect Star Wars and Every Nerd Cries (VIDEO)

han solo dance thumb

Kinect Star Wars makes the Internet angry.

Microsoft Pledges 1 Mil. In Hardware And Money To Right To Play

right to playthumb

I wouldn’t be shocked if this also has a malaria cure built in somewhere.

Peter Molyneux Shows Off Fable: The Journey


It’s a trip, man.

Mass Effect 3: Kinect Commands Guide


Skip the menus and learn how to control your squadmates in ME3 with the Kinect.

Harmonix Has Made an App That Lets You Record Yourself Dancing

dance Central 2 dance 2gether


Double Fine’s Happy Action Theater Coming in February

happy action theater

They’re keeping the train rolling.

Is Mass Effect 3 Actually Better With Kinect? (VIDEO)

mass effect 3

Time to watch some propaganda.

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