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For $100 More, Buy the Kinect for PC!


Same functionality; almost double the price!

Crytek’s Ryse Coming Out On Xbox Next?


Let’s call this a rumor.

Get Kinect for $30 Off Right Now At Amazon


That’s a pretty good deal, right?

Watch the HipHopGamer play Just Dance 3

just dance 3 hiphopgamer

This is something you really need to see.

Halo: Anniversary’s Kinect Functionality Is The Bomb. Literally.


It actually sounds useful and fun. HINT: Make things go boom by voice command!

Hulk Hogan’s Main Event – Launch Trailer


So are there still Hulkamaniacs out there? If so, this one’s for you.

The Gunstringer Review


The Gunstringer Platform(s): Xbox 360 Reviewed on Xbox 360 Developer: Twisted Pixel Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Released: September 13,2011 MSRP:…

The Gamer’s Date Night Guide

catherine date thumb

Plan your weekend with our suggestions for dates that can involve gaming.

Snag the Gunstringer Soundtrack for Free Right Now

gunstringer thumb

Hooray for free!

The Gunstringer Avatar Awards


String your guns up and try on these Old West style garments.

The Gunstringer Achievements


Welcome to the Wacky Wild West.

Party With Hipster Models By Playing Leedmees on Kinect (VIDEO)


Look at what a great time they’re having!

The Gunstringer Cheats


Bring in the Gunstring, undead or alive.

You’ll Have a Great Time Slicing Up Bodies in Rise of Nightmares (TRAILER)

rise of nightmares 2 thumb

At least, that’s what this trailer suggests.

Rise of Nightmares Achievements


Rise above your nightmares.

Rise of Nightmares Cheats


It’s all just a dream… or is it?

You Can Finally Use Kinect As a Virtual Dressing Room!


Marketing finally got one right.

Child of Eden Now Included with Kinect


Well, that’s good.

Another Great Trailer for Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

tim schafer thumb

I’d describe it in the headline, but it’s better you just watch.

Wal-Mart Made a Mistake In Rolling Back Xbox 360 Bundle Price



Kinect Sports: Season Two B-roll


Not bad, not bad. If you have a Kinect I mean.

Trailer Announces Just Dance Kids 2

just dance kids 2 thumb

Kids say, “Cool, thanks.”

Take a European Vacation with Rise of Nightmares (TRAILER)

rise of nightmares 2

It’s just like Eurotrip.

Kinectimals’ Bears Will Maul You In October

grizzly bear

I can’t wait!

Dance Central 2 Dated


Dates for all territories!

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster Looks Way Cooler Than You Expected Would

sesame street once upon a monster

But it’s still Sesame Street.

Grandma Wants To Play Rise of Nightmares (TRAILER)

rise of nightmares 5


This Trailer Does Not Show How Douchey You Will Look Playing MotionSports Adrenaline


So, really, I’m totally confused by it.

Get Yo Jockey On in Champion Jockey Kinect


It’s the jockeyest effing game ever!

In Honor of Fruit Ninja Kinect — 5 iOS Games That Would Rock on Kinect

pocket god thumb

You can slice fruit with your Kinect — why can’t you sword fight, build stuff and torture natives with your godlike powers?

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