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Virtua Tennis 4 – Launch Trailer (video)


Get ready to shout at the judges and get thrown out… in your living room!

Brain Controls Next Step After Kinect


Sure, Kinect is fancy and everything, but what about us lazy gamers who don’t want to be exhausted after ten minutes of gaming?

Interview With Victor Zordan, Expert In Video Game Technology


An expert’s opinion on the future of gaming technology, neural interfaces, 3D holographic games, and more.

First Ever Chinese-Developed Gaming Console Unveiled


Nintendo Yawns. Microsoft tries to pretend it doesn’t care. Sony huddles in a corner, crying and calling for its mommy.

The UFC Personal Trainer ‘Coaches’ Trailer Has Violent References! (Video)


It says so at the beginning of the trailer!

Developers Build Tech Demo Using Kinect, iPhone Co-Op

kinect iphone coop thumb

I love the possibilities of using multiple cool devices to play games.

New Microsoft Studio Apparently Working on Kinect Shooter

mgsvancouver thumb

Internet super-sleuths have found evidence that Kinect soon appeal to more than just hackers and your grandparents and little sister.

Child of Eden ‘Synesthesia’ Trailer (Video)


The combination of sound, touch and vision might be the first thing that gets me interested in Kinect or Move. I watched this 3 times in a row.

Sony Says It Has Sold 8 Million Moves and 50 Million PS3s

playstation-move thumb

After six and a half months, Sony finally releases numbers on Move sales. They’re not that bad, but they’re not Kinect’s numbers.

Microsoft Wants Kinect To Make You Lazier With the Kinect Chair

kinect chair

I can get fat WHILE using a motion controller? Count me in!

Move Outselling Kinect in Japan

playstation-move thumb

By about two to one, actually.

Amazon Gives Credit on Xbox 360s, Kinect

xbox thumb

Get some credit toward buying even more stuff on Amazon.

Kinect Integration for Garry’s Mod–Video


Cutting-edge technology put to use kicking virtual boxes.

Gmail Goes Kinect for April Fools’ Day

gmail motion

This is pretty good.

Using Kinect to Play Killzone 3 Is Possible


It’s not awesome yet, but it sure is novel!

Kinect Is Fastest-Selling Electronics Device Ever, Says Guinness


And I don’t mean a bunch of Microsoft people made a brash declaration after drinking Guinness.

Double Fine’s Next Game: Sesame Street (VIDEO)

schafer thumb

It’s going to be an Xbox 360 game and utilize Kinect.

This Is a Swimming Game For Kinect! (TRAILER)

Lotus Turn MP PTL

What the hell?

Kinect Hacked to Play Angry Birds

angry birds kinect thumb

Yup. That happened.

8 Less Ambitious Game Boxes (LIST)

less ambitious thumb

We photoshopped a bunch of our favorite “Less Ambitious Games” titles into almost-real things.

Spotted: Something Called ‘Gears of War: Exile’

gears of war exile

Epic Games trademarked a logo and the name of a game, but that’s all we know. Maybe it’s the Gears of War Kinect title of myth and legend?

Kinect Controls Humanoid Robot; Cylons Not Far Off (VIDEO)

cylon thumb

Yet another awesome Kinect hack that heralds the inevitable robot uprising.

Microsoft Prepping Kinect Move to PC, Rumor Says

kinect thumb

The PC version of Kinect is probably closer than we thought, especially since other companies are working on gesture controllers.

Omek Demonstrates New Motion Tracking Tech


System recognizes multi-player gestures and allows developers to adapt them for gameplay.

New Hacks Show Kinect Playing Call of Duty 4, Zelda, Doom

kinect thumb

First-person shooters and Zelda games are possible with Kinect, a Wii Remote, and bird-like head movements.

Wall Street Journal: Check Out Underhyped Fallout, Mass Effect 2

fallout thumb

A business newspaper sent us an email because they wouldn’t want you to miss out on these non-Black Ops “unsung heroes” of 2010.

10 Best Kinect Hacks So Far (LIST)

kinect robot thumb

We’ve scoured YouTube’s collection of Kinect hack videos and picked out 10 of the best uses for the technology so far.

Microsoft Plans to Support Kinect for PC – Sometime

kinect thumb

Steve Ballmer tells the BBC that Microsoft will have PC Kinect support sometime, but gives no details.

Avatar Kinect is a Cartoon Chat Room Like We Thought

avatarkinect thumb

Just as we suspected, Avatar Kinect is like video chatting, except you pretend to be your avatar. Now with facial recognition!

MS Sells a Ton More Kinects Than They Expected


60% more, in fact.

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