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Gamers Blame Red Rings of Death on Kinect

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The problem seems to apply to older Xboxes, but Microsoft claims the issues are coincidental. Also, if it happens to you, you’ll have to pay for the repair: Kinect RRoDs aren’t covered.

Avatar Kinect Shots Leaked from CES 2011

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Blurry shots suggest some kind of Kinect-enabled Xbox Live social networking space. Maybe.

Kinect Maker Creating Motion Controller for PC

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PrimeSense is set to release a PC gesture controller in February, but the focus is on multimedia, not gaming.

Buy a Windows Phone 7, Get an Xbox 360 Game

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Although there are only four games available, and half of them are Kinect games. And the other two are Fable III and Halo: Reach.

GameFront 2010: The Year’s Most Shocking Gaming News

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We look back at the news stories that caught us by surprise.

Forza 4, Officially, Will Support Kinect (Box Art Inside)


Well this certainly is interesting.

Kinect is In Super Short Supply


That Gamestop guy was right. You can’t find this thing anywhere!

2020: a Retrospective on Motion Gaming


In the year 2020, Phil thinks back to life with a controller.

Kinect Has Now Sold Millions


Last time we checked it was just one million.

Black Friday Deal Center (all your infoses are inside)

black friday

Seriously; this post is where you need to go before deciding where you need to go on Friday.

FileFront is Changing to GameFront


A brand new name, new look, and new features are on the way. Check it out!

Kinect and Move Will Have Wii Syndrome This Holiday, Says GameStop


Because the most fanatical of all games hardware purchasers are Moms.

id Founder Wants to Make a Kinect XBLA Game


John Carmack thinks Kinect is interesting, but has no idea what he’d do with it. Still, RAGE is cool on iOS — how about something similar? Please?

Your Shape Fitness Evolved Review


Exercise your couch potato physique into form and learn to hate squats with Ubisoft’s virtual trainer.

1 Million Kinects Sold


So far.

Dance Central Review


Harmonix tries to make almost dancing as fun as almost playing a musical instrument.

Someone Hacked Kinect, Made it Work With PC


No word on whether or not it crashes every time you open IE.

GameStop VP Says Kinect Will Probably Outsell Move


I don’t really know what this means.

Kinect Launch Didn’t Go Smoothly for Everyone

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Some people destroyed their stuffsss and each other.

Microsoft’s Kinect Review


Is it really groundbreaking or just a wallet-breaking add on to Microsoft’s system?

9 Reasons Kinect Is From the Future


No, it really is. I swear.

Here Are your Kinect Reviews — Kevin Butler Might Have Been Right


Here’s the important question: is Kinect better than a controller?

Buy Kinect In Times Square Tomorrow Night, Get Free Games


It’s not enough of a value that you’d want to, like, fly up to New York or something.

Score Kinect from Burger King


And you don’t even have to go to Burger King!

Dance Central Achievements


I wanna see more jazz hands!

Oprah Gives Everyone Kinect!



Kinect’s Kudo Tsunoda: “Hardly Anyone Plays First-Person Shooters On PC Anymore”


Kinect boss Kudo Tsunoda has said something even more outrageous than predicting Kinect would outsell the iPad. Wanna know what? Step inside.

Microsoft’s Kinect Prediction: Will “Blow Away” iPad


Microsoft spokespeople are making some bold statements about Kinect launch sales. Will they come true, or are they setting themselves up for a fall?

Michael Jackson: The Experience Looks Like The Most Enjoyable Game Ever (TRAILER)


Prepared to smile so much that your face will get stuck like that.

Suda 51 and Grasshopper Announce codename D for Kinect


Yes, it’s “codename D.” I’m not supposed to capitalize “codename.”

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