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Name Change: Klei’s Incognita is Now Invisible, Inc.


After losing a bet involving scuba gear, a hang glider and a bucket of lard, Klei has agreed to change…

Incognita Hands-On Preview: Corporate Creepers


With the glorious return of XCOM and the revival of Shadowrun, grid-based tactics games seem to be experiencing a new…

Turn-based Sneaking: Incognita Enters Alpha


Klei Entertainment is ditching the black pajamas and swords for trench coats and silenced handguns. The team behind Mark of…

Don’t Starve Review: Hungry For More


Don’t Starve is a good stepping stone in the survival sim genre, but lacks the meat to keep you hooked.

Don’t Starve’s Next Update Adds Turf Removal (UPDATE)

don't starve thumb

Don’t Starve is getting more stuff out of which you can make traps and tools.

Mark of the Ninja PC Review: Great Stealth Hampered by Controls

Good Night thumb

The PC keyboard controls lack a bit in precision, but Mark of the Ninja’s stealth is still first-class.

Shank 2 Gameplay Footage (With James and Mitch!)


Put some Shank in your tank.