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New PES Edit 3.3 Patch Adds Faces, Kits, Copa Libertadores Updates


SV Sandhusen fans, your prayers are answered!

5 Crazy Difficult and Intricate Video Game Puzzles

broken sword goat thumb

In honor of Fez and its tougher puzzles, we’ve run down five of gaming’s worst brain-benders.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 – Debut Trailer (Video)



At Last, Someone Makes A Minecraft Version Of Castlevania


It’s awesomevania.

Konami Exec’s Tweet Teases Castlevania Sequel


Out with it already, Konami!

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Hands-on Preview


Viva la Vita!

Silent Hill Producer Hullet: No Akira in Downpour Due to “Japanese Business Politics”


More’s the pity, I say.

Silent Hill: Downpour Interview with Producer Tomm Hulett


We held him up at gunpoint and made him tell us everything he knows!

How to Get Different Endings in Silent Hill: Downpour


No word if any of them involve conspiracy theories or aliens.

Silent Hill: Downpour Hands-on Preview


Caution: Wet Floor (in building full of misshapen horrors)

PS Vita US Release Lineup Announced.


Nintendo wishes they could pay attention to this and go back to last February.

VGAs 2011: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Trailer


What an awesome word for a game that has little in common with Metal Gear other than the name and a single character.

Details About Vita’s Game Transfer Fees Released


These details are specific to Japan though. Prices in the US will not be in Yen.

NeverDead – TGS 2011 Trailer


This is what they’re seeing in Japan.

Get Sneaky on a Small Screen with Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater (TRAILER)

snake eater thumb

More 3DS version footage, this time from Tokyo Game Show 2011.

Party With Hipster Models By Playing Leedmees on Kinect (VIDEO)


Look at what a great time they’re having!

Skullgirls is a Weird Fighter — And Here’s a Trailer

skullgirls thumb

Cartoon anime chicks wailing on each other inside.

Comic-Con 2011: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D Hands-On Preview

mgs 3ds 2 thumb

Playing Metal Gear Solid 3D with one control stick and the inability to move one’s head is…strange.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D Won’t See Shelves Till 2012

snake eater thumb

Warm up your copy of…I dunno, what the hell is there to even play on this machine?

Hard Corps: Uprising Walkthrough Trailer (Video)


You will believe a man can shoot a thousand laser bullets per minute.

Konami Offers 4th Of July Steals On Hard Corps, X-Men Arcade


And what better way to show your patriotism than by smashing and bombing?

Puddle Hands-On Preview

puddle 4 thumb

Indie physics puzzler Puddle is coming to XBLA and PSN, and it even packs motion controls on the Playstation 3. Good news: The controls don’t just suck, either.

MLB Bobblehead Pros Hands-On Preview

mlb bobblehead 1 thumb

We give several nods to the downloadable baseball title, which carries a great SNES gameplay feel.

Kojima’s ‘Transfarring’: Keep Playing PS3 Games on Your PSP

transfarring thumb

Hideo Kojima details his three-step plan to transferring saved game data between the PS3 and portables.

Frogger 3D Announcement Trailer (Video)


Prepare to relive all of those splendifferous hours spent wasting quarters on this lame – hang on, did they say ‘giant mech frogs’? Ok, I’m in.

Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights Developer Blog #1 (Video)


More info that you expected from the upcoming 3DS game. Also, new 3DS games are coming.

Mortal Kombat Fanatics – Sign Up For This Tournament in Vegas!

mortal kombat thumb

Take on the world in the first ever pro Mortal Kombat tournament, and maybe win $10,000.

Toys ‘R’ Us Flier Outs Mortal Kombat DLC

mk scarlet thumb

New characters coming Wednesday, May 4.

Mortal Kombat (2011) Infinite Koins Cheat

mortal kombat thumb

Get everything in the krypt by exploiting this bug.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Resurrection DLC Achievements

lords of shadow achievements thumb

Vanquish every challenge the Lords of Shadow have to offer.

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