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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Resurrection DLC Trophies

lords of shadow res thumb

Unlock every Trophy in Lords of Shadow’s Resurrection.

Konami Announces Official Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Line Of Menswear


I double-checked the press release date: I swear it says April 4.

Rush’n Attack Ex-Patriot Trailer

Rush'n Attack Ex-Patriot 002

If you enjoyed Bionic Commando Rearmed and New Super Mario Bros., this is probably going to feel like getting a high five from Elementary school.

This Ankle Wins at Video Game Tattoos

konami code tattoo thumb

Not horrible. Not badly drawn. Not taking up 90 percent of your body. Yeah, this is high in the running for the best one ever.

Seven of Nine Confirms She’s in Mortal Kombat Web Series

mortal kombat rebirth jeri thumb

Jeri Ryan of “Star Trek: Voyager” fame has said she’s in the new Mortal Kombat series, and that it’s filming right now in Vancouver.

YES! Zombies Ate My Neighbors Getting Film Treatment

zombies ate my neighbors thumb

Finally, a game completely and totally fitting of a film version. Please let this happen.

3 Reasons NGP is the Future of Portables (and 3 Why It Will Crash and Burn)

ngp big thumb

Looking through what we know about Sony’s Next Generation Portable, there’s a lot to be excited about — and a lot to fear. We break down the NGP’s potential triumphs and pitfalls.

‘Dexter’ Composer Coming to Silent Hill: Downpour

silent hill 8

Konami’s next Silent Hill is getting a new auditory direction, and it seems promising.

Kojima Wants to Take Games from PS3 to NGP and Back Again

mgs 4

Third-party developers show tech demos of PS3 games running on NGP, and Activision announces Call of Duty for the platform.

Make a Tombstone and It Could Appear in Silent Hill 8

silent hill downpour thumb

Konami’s running a contest through Facebook for the upcoming Silent Hill: Downpour. You could be in it, kind of.

Mortal Kombat Web Series Officially Happening

mortal kombat rebirth thumb

Warner Bros. has confirmed a 10-part “anthology” web series based on the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short.

Contra Box Demos Konami’s Blatant Theft of Cool ’80s Movie Ideas

contra thumb

Contra: Schwarzenegger and Rambo vs. Alien. Thanks, Reddit.

Mortal Kombat Trailer To Become a Web Series

mortal kombat rebirth thumb

Warner Bros. passed on the movie remake, but 10 episodes of web-only content isn’t a bad consolation prize.

Silent Hill 8 Gets Official Title, More Details

silent hill 8

A new section of the town, side-quests, breakable weapons — and water. Because it’s called Silent Hill: Downpour.

No More Heroes Screens Looks Flashy on PS3 (GALLERY)

no more heroes thumb

Konami’s upcoming port of the formerly Wii title No More Heroes has some new screens out today, and they all…

Kojima Hints His Next Game Could be MGS 5

Thought Hideo Kojima’s magnum opus Metal Gear Solid series was finished with MGS4? Us neither. Even though he said so….

This Game is Called NeverDead, and It Means That Literally

Eh, you ask? You are an immortal dude who is so immortal that when his head falls off he can…

Konami's New Silent Hill Game Emerges from the Fog of E3

Konami unveiled footage of the new Silent Hill game (working title: Silent Hill 8 ) at E3 yesterday, screening an…

MGS: Rising Ain't Just a Sequel

It’s also a prequel. It seems Raiden probably did not survive getting smashed by a giant boat after having his…

Karaoke Revolution: Glee Actually Exists

Hey, can you believe this? At E3, Konami showed off Karaoke Revolution: Glee, and everybody was, well, gleeful about it….

Summer of Arcade 2010 – Castlevania, Tomb Raider Lead Lineup

The last few years to celebrate the doldrums of the summer release Microsoft discounts a number of Xbox Live games…

Metal Gear Solid: Rising Cuts Away the Past

One of the 3rd party games shown during the Microsoft Press Briefing was Konami’s upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The…

ASTRO Gaming Releases Custom A30 Metal Gear Headset


Looking for a new headset for your PC or console? Like the Metal Gear game series enough to brand your…

Gaming Today Reviews: Zombie Apocalypse

We recently got the chance to check out the new Konami game, ‘Zombie Apocalypse.’ First and foremost, I must warn…

Metal Gear Online: Old Snake Returns to Shadow Moses in New DLC

Put on your Octo-cam suit and revisit Shadow Moses as Old Snake on Metal Gear Online. The new map Icebound…

Sony E3 2009 Press Conference Talks God of War, Ratchet and More

The Sony press conference for E3 2009 is set to prepare gamers for the return of a juggernaut. Sony’s had…

Kojima Productions Countdown Teaser Reveals… More Teasing?

As Ron pointed out the other day, a new splash screen over at Kojima Productions’ website featured a grassy field…

New Konami Page Teasing Metal Gear Solid 5?

Konami Cancels Six Days in Fallujah

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