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A Big Box of Weed — The LA Noire Reefer Madness DLC Trailer

la noire reefer madness


Re-Dubs #2: LA Noire Hand Jobs (VIDEO)

handy j

How far would you go to get a spot in the big play? Would you give the director a handy J?

Re-Dubz #1: LA Noire Playground Patrol


Where we dub over LA Noire because we can do it better..

Rockstar Won’t Publish Team Bondi’s Next Project


The Australian studio is looking for a new publisher thanks to Rockstar’s disdain for Bondi’s business practices.

Team Bondi Investigated


Working Conditions at L.A. Noire Studio Were “Harmful,” Ex-Developers Say.

LA Noire Coming to PC This Fall


Rockstar is bringing their noir detective thriller to a PC near you.

LA Noire: Nicholson Electroplating DLC Walkthrough


What the hell is Electroplating, anyhow?

Track Down a Mad Bomber in L.A. Noire Arson Desk DLC (TRAILER)

la noire arson thumb

The Nicholson Electroplating DLC drops on June 21.

LA Noire’s Rockstar Pass Discount Extended To Next Week


Hurry up and buy it already!

Snag L.A. Noire on Amazon Today for $20 Off (UPDATED)

la noire thumb

If you don’t have this game yet, now’s a pretty good time to correct that oversight.

Button Mashup #2: Cole Phelps is a Horrible Detective (Video)


In episode 2 of GameFront’s Button Mashup series, we ask ‘how bad is Detective Phelps at his job?” Turns out, ‘completely’.

GameFront Round Table: LA Noire


The GameFront staff nerd out for many, many hours on the impact of LA Noire.

LA Noire “A Slip of the Tongue” Review

a slip of the tongue

How does the “other” DLC case work out for us? Splendidly, I say?

Aftershock: L.A. Noire Proves Story Can Carry a Game Through Flaws

la noire achievements thumb

Though there are many things wrong with L.A. Noire, I had a great time playing it because of the writing. Take note, gaming industry.

Rockstar Announces Upcoming LA Noire DLC and Rockstar Pass Details


In short, the Rockstar Pass is a darn good deal. Oh, and there’s a new DLC case called “Reefer Madness.”

Cole Phelps Really Needs to Get His Stinking Hat Back


And he’ll run up the side of some house many times to do it.

Watch A Real LAPD Cop Play LA Noire


This is so meta.

Button Mashup #1: L.A. Noire Partners Have That Bad Cop Thing Down (VIDEO)

la noire partners thumb

Our video guys put together all the best partner moments from Team Bondi’s the 1940s cop drama. Warning: it’s both awesome and hilarious.

Remembering Police Quest 4: LA Noire’s Angry, Racist Uncle


Imagine if LA Noire took the side of police corruption. Using 1993 graphics technology. Click to see the video.

LA Noire: “The Naked City” Review


Delve even deeper into the seedy underbelly of 1947 Los Angeles.

LA Noire Review


Noire raises the bar.

L.A. Noire Hidden Vehicle Locations Guide

la noire hidden vehicles thumb

All the secret cars you need to reach 100 percent completion.

The 10 Dirtiest Cops In Video Games


Here’s 10 coppers that would make poor Cole Phelps Cry.

First LA Noire DLC Gets Release Date


The Nicholson Electroplating Arson Case from the Best Buy launch events is coming in June.

L.A. Noire Newspaper Locations

la noire newspapers thumb

Find all 13 newspapers and unlock all L.A. Noire’s cases with our handy guide.

L.A. Noire Film Reels Locations

la noire film reels thumb

Find all 50 of L.A. Noire’s hidden film reels.

L.A. Noire Landmarks Guide

la noire landmarks thumb

Map all of 1940s Los Angeles with the help of our growing guide.

LA Noire Was Almost The Beefiest Game Ever


In terms of number of discs, I mean.

Aaron Staton is Unimpressed with Video Games (PIC)


Mad Men’s (and now L.A. Noire’s) Aaron Staton reviews blockbuster titles in this GameFront original. He’s not impressed.

The Cosplay of Rockstar Games (GTA, Red Dead, Manhunt, Bully, Max Payne)


The OKest gallery of all time.

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