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Gamers: Stop Misusing the Word BIAS


Ever called a review biased? You’re an idiot.

LA Noire Cheats


Everybody’s workin’ an angle in the City of Angels.

LA Noire Walkthrough


Forget it, Jake — It’s L.A. Noire.

L.A. Noire Comes Out Next Week, Continues to Look Awesome (TRAILER)

la noire thumb

Team Bondi and Rockstar’s game continues to look better than many Hollywood movies.

Something Called LA Noire ‘Rockstar Pass’ Available on Xbox Live Next Week

la noire achievements thumb

An 800-MS Point item fogged in mystery.

LA Times And Rockstar Games’ Interactive Crime Map Of 1947 LA


Look here see, we’re all going to talk like 40′s detectives, ya hear?

Rockstar and Mullholland Books Releasing ‘L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories’


The anthology of stories inspired by the upcoming crime thriller game looks pretty cool.

LA Noire Gameplay Seen At Tribeca Film Festival, Dude Shot it With His Phone


Check it out inside!

LA Noire Achievements

la noire achievements thumb

This list suggests some good times in old Los Angeles.

L.A. Noire: “Rising Through the Ranks” (Video)


Get a detailed look at how players will progress through L.A. Noire, and at Team Bondi’s amazing recreation of postwar Los Angeles.

Watch Red Johnson’s Chronicles Trailer (VIDEO)


How do you say “film noir” in French?

LA Noire To Have PS3 Exclusive Content


Sony’s landed an exclusive case for the PS3 version of LA Noire.

Watch The L.A. Noire TV Spot (VIDEO)


Only 35 more shopping days until society shuts down while everyone plays this thing.

LA Noire Pre-Order Bonuses Will Be Available as DLC Soon-ish after Launch


We’re dealing in vague descriptors here.

LA Noire Trophies


No Oscars in here, alas.

Art From Pencils, Cat Attacks, and Awesome Phone Apps (LINKS)


Today’s link dump gives you new phone apps, the best bands of all time, and the world’s cat boxing champ.

Watch L.A. Noire Offical Trailer 3#


¡Ahora con subtítulos españoles!

LA Noire Selected by Film Festival, Dan Houser Says Why There are No Real Rockstar Movies

la noire 2

Because it’d be stupid, that’s why!

L.A. Noire “A Slip of the Tongue” Traffic Case Video


A new trailer for the upcoming crime thriller.

New LA Noire Trailer Shows off Gamestop Exclusive Mission


This new trailer gives you a peek at what your Gamestop pre-order will get you.

L.A. Noire Box Art Revealed


And it’s actually really cool.

GameFront iPhone App Now Available!


Watch out, world.

Dissolution (HL2 Mod) Released


If you like Dark City, Mickey Spillane and (natch) Half-Life 2, you should pay attention.

Watch LA Noire: Orientation


Enjoy the first trailer showcasing the Ellroy-influenced crime thriller’s gameplay.

New L.A. Noire Trailer is Live, Hints at Plot


Here’s the L.A. Noire trailer that leaked over the weekend, but now it’s been officially released.

Rockstar Confirms L.A. Noire for May 17


Rockstar has confirmed the release date seen in the trailer leaked over the weekend.

L.A. Noire Trailer, Release Date Leaked (VIDEO)

la noire 2

An accidentally published YouTube video gives us some new info into one of 2011′s most anticipated games.

Four Hot New LA Noire Screens


These are seriously beautiful.

LA Noire, Obvious Non-truth Make Cover of Playstation: The Official Magazine

playstation magazine la noire

Nice work, whoever thought this was a good idea.

Rockstar Confirms L.A. Noire Spring 2011 Release Via Substance-Free Tweet


Looks like Rockstar has perfected the art of link Trolling. And so have we. Non-details inside!

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