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Divinity: Original Sin – Bear & Burglar New Companions Guide


See where to find these two free additions to the awesome Divinity: Original Sin.

Divinity: Original Sin Announces Launch Date With “Before and After” Trailer


Divinity: Original Sin has a firm launch date and a brand-new trailer showing off some of the enhancements to the…

Divinity: Original Sin Now Set for Full Release this Spring


Character loss at launch. It’s why I haven’t clicked the “Add to cart” button in Steam for the early access…

Fan-Made Divinity: Original Sin Quest Doubles as Marriage Proposal


As part of Larian’s Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter campaign, the studio offered a unique backer tier — write your own…

Divinity: Dragon Commander Review: Genre Potpourri


An unlikely mix of game types that sometimes works.

Larian Looking to Make Divinity: Original Sin Crazy Moddable

divinity original sin 3 thumb

Like mod tools? Divinity: Original Sin will ship with lots of them.

Divinity: Dragon Commander’s Coolest Feature: Political Marriages

divinity dragon commander 3 thumb

Political strategy, real-time strategy, role-playing elements, and dragons wearing jetpacks that slow down time.