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Entire League of Legends Team Disqualified from Championship Series


Good riddance.

Rumor: Own3d to Shut Down Streaming Service Within 2 Weeks


Rumors of own3d’s impending shutdown.

League of Legends: Mac Client Heading to Public Open Beta Soon


League of Legends coming to the Mac soon!

Riot Games Bans Pro-Gamers in League of Legends For Negative Attitude


Men behaving badly receive permanent bans from Riot Games.

League of Legends: Meet Thresh, the Chain Warden


A new League of Legends Champion to die for.

League of Legends: New Ranked League System Coming Soon


League of Legends restructures it’s competitive ranked play.

8 Great Free-To-Play Games to Start Your F2P Journey


Or, as my friend said, “I 8nt paying a cent.”

League of Legends: Champion Price & Timing Changes


Riot Games has announced a shift in the way they handle their pricing for champions in League of Legends. Overall,…

League of Legends: IEM Cologne Recap


Recap of IEM Cologne

League of Legends: Introducing Vi, the Piltover Enforcer


New jungler and bruiser released for League of Legends to be released soon. She has massive fists.

League of Legends Updated in Steam Registry; No Plans for Steam Launch


Too bad.

Professional Player Banned from League of Legends


Riot Games took another step forward recently when they announced the suspension of professional League of Legends player Christian “IWillDominate”…

Quantic eSports Team Disbands


Not because of drama, according to CEO.

IPL 5: League of Legends Day 1 Summary


Day 1 recap of IPL 5′s League of Legends.

16 League of Legends Teams Vying for IPL 5 Crown


IPL 5 returns this weekend to Las Vegas! IPL is the IGN Pro League, an eSports league that is run…

Warning: Your League of Legends Summoner Name May Be Reclaimed


Riot will be cleaning up summoner names in the upcoming 1.73 patch for League of Legends. They’ll also be running a 50% off sale for name changes.

Hawken Looking to Be Bigger Than League of Legends; Raises $18M


Can they do it?

James vs. Games 8: James vs. Zac and League of Legends (VIDEO)

james vs games 8 thumb

James has joined a League of Legends team of subscribers to the Game Front YouTube Channels to take on Zac…

Riot Builds “Offline Solution” for eSports; No Plans for LAN Mode for Public


No more tournament mishaps.

League of Legends Season 2 World Championships Winners: Taipei Assassins


$1 million. Not bad.

League of Legends Infographic Reveals It Is Most Played Game in the World


50% of registered users are still active.

League of Legends Cheaters Fined 30K

league of legends thumb

Ouch, right in the pocketbook.

Class Matters: Our Interview With Forge Designer Tim Alvis


We talk to the guy behind the upcoming PvP MMO that aims to carve out a space in between WoW and Team Fortress 2.

Riot Apologizes for League of Legends Tournament Woes


Hey! Stop looking at my screen!

Riot Taking Legal Action vs. DDoS Attacks on League of Legends


Players will be able to re-join games.

Win a Trip to the League of Legends World Finals

league of legends thumb

It’s a Facebook contest.

League of Legends Patch Will Bring Gameplay Changes (VIDEO)

league of legends thumb

Things are getting adjusted.

Watch The League Of Legends Champion Spotlight: Zyra Trailer


And she’s a sexy plant.

ROCCAT Official Sponsor of the National ESL


Everything’s coming up eSports.

MLG Hosting $10,000 League of Legends Tourney Aug 3-5


It’s no 5mil, but it’ll make for good TV.

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