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OSU Marching Band’s Tribute To Gaming Is Awesome

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It really is,

Super iam8bit Showcases Game-Inspired Art Tonight in Los Angeles (PICS)

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Art for nerds.

Insane 100+ Artist Zelda Fanart (Pic)


Happy belated 25th birthday, Zelda.

‘Link to the Future’ Tries Valiantly to Explain Hyrule’s History, with Doc Brown’s Help

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Ever try to parse the timeline of what the hell happens in Hyrule? I mean, there are about 90 games…

Super Mario Bros. X Fan Game Mixes Nintendo’s Universes (TRAILER)

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You can download it for free, and it even has a level editor.

Notable Mobiles: A Week’s Worth of iPhone Games

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Having scoured the iPhone App Store during the last week, we’ve found a few interesting and notable games worth taking checking out.

New Hacks Show Kinect Playing Call of Duty 4, Zelda, Doom

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First-person shooters and Zelda games are possible with Kinect, a Wii Remote, and bird-like head movements.

Link Kissing Link (pic)

link kissing link

You do not wanna miss this amazingness.

Zeldathon Makes Smacking Down Ganon a Charity Event

Every gamer dreams of a job where playing can be turned into income. Next best thing: Playing games for charity….