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Ubisoft Considers Beyond Good & Evil A Mistake


Because it didn’t sell well.

Beats The Game: An Interview with the Creators of 140


Danish developers combine platforming and EDM, with excellent results.

Four Games Added To Humble Bundle 9, Including Bastion And Limbo

One week (and 540,000 copies) later, and Humble Bundle is adding four games to its current #9 Bundle. Already a…

Dear Indie Developers: Help Us to Help You


Indie games need coverage, but those covering them need to know they exist.

Indie Speed Run Game Jam Begins, Judged By Notch And More


Developers have just 48 hours to make a game — and have it judged by industry greats.

Heading Back to School? 9 Games That Will Make You Smarter


Train your brain with these intellectually stimulating games!

What the Game Front Staff Bought on Steam Sale


Haha, we’re broke now.

Limbo Walkthrough [W/ James!]


Everybody Limbo.

Check Out LIMBO’s Sweet New Special Edition Package

limbo special edition thumb

Ooooo. Might be time to buy LIMBO again.

Limbo Achievements


See your score in black and white.

Limbo Trophies


Pull levers and escape spiders for prizes.

Limbo Cheats


Uncover the mysteries of Limbo.

Info on Limbo’s Spiritual Successor Revealed

playdead featured

Even this tiny bit of art has us way too excited.

Humble Bundle V Adds Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor, Braid

humble bundle v thumb

This is a fine collection of indie games.

Humble Bundle V Line-up is Spectacular — Grab It

psychonauts thumb

This might be the best offering ever.

Are We Too Generous to Indie Games?


Not all indie games are great, after all.

PSA: Steam’s Thanksgiving Weekend Deals Continue Unabated


New deals offered daily!

Classic Video Games Reimagined As Classic Books


It makes sense. Up up down down left right left right abab select start is almost metered.

LIMBO Soundtrack Available on iTunes


Six tracks. Five dollars.

CONFIRMED: LIMBO Coming to Steam on Aug. 2


You guys excited? We’re excited.

Limbo Headed to Playstation 3 and PC



Lots of Sales on Xbox Live This Month

limbo thumb

A whole bunch of titles are 50 percent off, including stuff from Capcom and Sega.

GDC11: Limbo Dev Totally Calls Out Uncharted, Prince of Persia for Sucky Puzzles

limbo thumb

He says Uncharted 2′s puzzles were way too easy, while Prince of Persia’s were unnecessarily complex.

GDC 11: Awards Ceremony Recap


A night of prizes and pride at the GDC Awards.

Will Hardcore Gamers Be the Death of the Industry?


Yeah, you’re hardcore, and you’re killing the gaming industry.

Get Limbo for $10 on XBLA Today


We loved Limbo — now you can, too, for about a third less than you’d usually pay.

IndieDb’s Players’ Choice Indie Of The Year Announced


Find out what they players thought of this year’s bumper crop of indie games inside.

Gamefront 2010: Most Violent Games


Gore, gore, and more gore.

GameFront 2010: Best Game Stories of the Year


The GameFront staff picks out the video game stories that stuck with us throughout the year.

GameFront 2010: The Absurdly Shortest Games Of 2010


In the year of Longest Games Ever, these games defied logic, market demand and in some cases quality gaming, in favor of keeping it short and sweet. Maybe a little too short and sweet.

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