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2013 IGF Finalists: Seamus McNally Grand Prize


These games sure are grand! (rimshot) (canned laughter)

2013 IGF Finalists: Nuovo


The oddest bunch of games you’ve ever played.

2013 IGF Finalists: Technical Excellence


Indie games can push the technical envelope too!

Spec Ops, Far Cry 3 and Hating the Player, Not the Game

spec ops white phosphorus thumb

What’s with the trend of games attacking their players in 2012 in an attempt to create meaningful commentary?

Little Inferno Makes a Comment on Games, and Maybe Internet Culture

little inferno 3 thumb

Little Inferno seems to chide you for spending all day in front of your computer. Is that a good thing?

Little Inferno Lets You Burn Yesterday’s Toys Today


New game from the creators of World of Goo is delightfully twisted.