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Lucius Review: Murders That Make You Want to Kill Yourself

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This game ruined my day.

Relatively Obscure Videogames I Want You To Pay Attention To


Knowing about games that other people don’t know about lets you feel like a better person.

Lucius Finally Gets a Release Date in E3 Trailer


Shiver Games’ dark adventure is coming in October.

Get To Know Every Big Release in 2012

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We’ve run down all interesting-looking titles of 2012. Enjoy.

Gamescom 2011: Ride a Tricycle — of Evil! — in Lucius

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“The power of Christ compels you!” Or not.

Lucius is a Murder Mystery Dinner Party Where You’re the 6-Year-Old Murderer (TRAILER)

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I think I’d probably just ride that trike around for hours muttering, “redrum.”

Lucius is Six and Needs to Murder Everyone for the Devil (TRAILER)

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He was born on June 6, 1966, because he is evil.