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Dinosaur Shooter Primal Carnage Gets More Free DLC

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A new dinosaur is coming, plus a new game mode.

Reskin Your Dinosaurs in Primal Carnage with DLC Skin Pack

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Change your dinosaurs’ colors!

Make a T-Rex Do Back Flips in Primal Carnage (TRAILER)

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Time to eat some humans/fight some dinosaurs.

Primal Carnage Preview: Hold Onto Your Butts


Hands-on experience with this Fall’s best dinosaur-on-human deathmatch extravaganza.

Get Primal Carnage Beta Access W/Pre Order

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Plus an exclusive skin.

Wanna Fight Dinosaurs? Primal Carnage is Available for Pre-Order

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Pre-order now, get into the beta.

Primal Carnage Reveals New Class, New Dinosaur


“God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs… “

Primal Carnage Preview: Death by Dinosaurs


Clever, clever girl.