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PSA: Dustforce Level Editor Coming Tomorrow For Free


Say goodbye to my spare time.

Shadowrun Returns Is A Go Thanks To Kickstarter Drive


Commence being very happy about this.

PSA: Today’s Your Last Chance To Get Diablo 3 With WoW Pass


So hurry!

Valve Announces Free Portal 2 Level Creator DLC for PC, Mac

portal 2 test chamber thumb

No co-op support, though.

California Man Makes Worlds Greatest Flight Sim In Garage


It really is The Best Ever.

Why Video Games Don’t Need a Savior


How The Atlantic’s recent profile of game designer Jonathan Blow got everything wrong.

Zeboyd Releases New Penny Arcade Adventures Screens


Build a cool indie game, get a prestigious new gig. More of that, please.

Game Front’s Updated 2012 Preview Calendar


Keep track of what gamers can look forward to for the rest of the year.

GDC 2012 Indie Round-up: Johann Sebastian Joust, The Bridge, Antichamber, GIRP


A look at GDC’s best Indie games.

RUMOR: Sim City 5 Due 2013


Video evidence was briefly available. Briefly.

Notch Distributed The Millions He Earned In 2011 Among His Employees


Damn. He’s like some kind of folk hero!

Double Fine Adventure Will Get Voice Acting, Multiple Translations, Mobile Versions (VIDEO)

double fine schafer thumb

That’s what Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert are doing with all that money.

Shank 2 Gameplay Footage (With James and Mitch!)


Put some Shank in your tank.

Some Ubisoft PC Games Won’t Work This Week Thanks to DRM

hawx thumb

Yup, DRM is an awesome hing.

Beware Of Zombie PIPA And SOPA

STOP_SOPA-300x300 copy

That public outcry successfully led to their collapse is no reason to become complacent. They will return.

The Secret World Devs Answer Questions About The Story


Let me be the millionth person to say that The Secret World just got a little less secret.

The ESA Apparently Spent $190,000 Last year Lobbying In Favor Of PIPA


That’s one hundred and ninety thousand, or as it’s known in Washington, “chump change”.

SOPA Reportedly Wounded, Possibly Dead


This is as exciting as it is unverified.

The Obama Administration Opposes SOPA, But Not Strongly Enough


This is promising news, but before we get too excited, let’s see what they’ve actually said.

As Vote Is Delayed, Internet Engineers Issue A Scathing Open Letter Against SOPA


We didn’t dodge a bullet, but it has been slowed down.

Looking Ahead: Gaming In 2012 (Q1)


Our fevered look at the games we’ll be playing in the new year.

No Player Death In The Secret World


The reason for this is dumb.

MineCon 2011: Hands on With Scrolls


Ross and Dave weigh in on Mojang’s next original game.

Minecon 2011: A look At The Art Of Scrolls


The beautiful – and often cheeky – building blocks going into the creation of Mojang’s next game.

Cobalt Demo Recap: What We Know So Far


Check out that robot punching grenades!

MineCon Attendees Get Free Cobalt, Scrolls Alpha Access


Bet you wish you bought a ticket now, huh?

Someone Has Created A Computer Game Within Minecraft

Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 12.46.10 PM

Reason 1,111,111,111 to love this game.

Guillaume Rambourg: ‘Customers Hate DRM’



Pay What You Want For Voxatron’s Humble Debut


Another Humble Indie.

Former EA Customer Care Rep Unleashes Hell Via Reddit


This is delicious!

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