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Looking Ahead: Gaming In 2012 (Q1)


Our fevered look at the games we’ll be playing in the new year.

No Player Death In The Secret World


The reason for this is dumb.

MineCon 2011: Hands on With Scrolls


Ross and Dave weigh in on Mojang’s next original game.

Minecon 2011: A look At The Art Of Scrolls


The beautiful – and often cheeky – building blocks going into the creation of Mojang’s next game.

Cobalt Demo Recap: What We Know So Far


Check out that robot punching grenades!

MineCon Attendees Get Free Cobalt, Scrolls Alpha Access


Bet you wish you bought a ticket now, huh?

Someone Has Created A Computer Game Within Minecraft

Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 12.46.10 PM

Reason 1,111,111,111 to love this game.

Guillaume Rambourg: ‘Customers Hate DRM’



Pay What You Want For Voxatron’s Humble Debut


Another Humble Indie.

Former EA Customer Care Rep Unleashes Hell Via Reddit


This is delicious!

Blizzcon 2011: The Blizzard Arcade Launches With Heart Of The Swarm


Players might make money from it, too.

Blizzcon 2011: Regarding WASD, ‘You Don’t Want To Support Two Control Schemes’


As someone who has fat fingers and frequently clocks Q and E, I endorse this view.

Blizzcon 2011: ‘Most’ Diablo III Dungeons ‘Random’


This is a good thing.

The Book of Unwritten Tales – Mummy Madness Trailer


How can a book contain tales that are unwritten…?

Hector: Badge of Carnage Devs Give Some Quick Behind-the-Scenes Insights (TRAILER)

hector 1 thumb

A quick look inside a game about a disgusting town and it’s equally disgusting leading detective.

The History Of Terrible Batman Games


Let’s just say most of them aren’t the Arkham series…

SimCity Catches Herman Cain Fever With $9.99 Price


And you’ll probably end up better at government stuff than he ever will!

Steve Jobs and Apple’s Lasting Impact on the Gaming Landscape

steve jobs thumb

The products Apple created with Steve Jobs at the helm, and the culture they engendered, will continue to change the face of gaming.

Dustforce – Gameplay Trailer


The best game about super powerful janitors you’ll ever see.

Hector: Badge of Carnage – Episode 3: Beyond Reasonable Doom Trailer


I think we can all agree that “The Red Badge of Carnage” would be a much more awesome title for a classic novel, right?

City of Heroes – Freedom Trailer


Because freedom isn’t free. No, wait, actually it is. City of Heroes is going F2P.

Daily Independent: OIO Rules. Period.


Cute, fun, challenging and cheap, you almost can’t ask for more from a game.

A Valley Without Wind – First Beta Trailer


Now would be the perfect time to get this beta.

Max and the Magic Marker: Gold Edition – US Trailer


The acclaimed platformer is coming to PSN. And here’s a look.

New Disney Universe Trailer Takes You into a Pirates World


Tell the truth: are you ready to have your timbers shivered?

Portal is Free!


For the moment, anyway.

Gaze At The Star Supremacy – Closed Beta Preview Trailer


They really, really want to remind you of another RTS franchise set in space. I wish I knew which one…

Kultan: The World Beyond – Open Beta Launch Trailer


Beautiful water, ship to ship combat and sea monsters. Yummy.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Heading to Mac This Winter

deus ex 5 chopper

And so the circle will be complete.

Two Worlds II v1.3 Patch (Adds 3D Support)

two worlds 2

Hurry hurry.

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