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Wolfenstein: The New Order Dev Would Love A Sequel


Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of the biggest gaming surprises of 2014 so far, a solid and enjoyable action…

Wolfenstein: The New Order Review: The Best of the Old Order

wolfenstein new order review thumb

The latest entry in the Wolfenstein series combines the best mechanics from the last generation’s shooters into something that offers players tons of versatility in how they play.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Requires Core i7 CPU on PC


If you want to play Bethesda’s upcoming shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order on your PC, you’re going to need an…

Germany’s “Nazi Thing” Keeps Them Out Of Wolfenstein: The New Order


Pete Hines of Bethesda says Germany has “a thing about Nazis,” so their version of Wolfenstein: The New Order will…

Wolfenstein: The New Order Preview: Winning a Losing Fight

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But that’s a good thing.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Hands-On – Classic FPS Evolved

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Blazkowicz is back, and he’s got guns and armor pickups.

Wolfenstein and a Nazi Noir World: MachineGames’ Jens Matthies

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We sit down with MachineGames’ Creative Director Jens Matthies and talk about BJ Blazkowicz, Nazi Noir, and setting a game in a Nazi-dominated world.

Dwight Schultz, Gideon Emery Confirmed for Wolfenstein: TNO

Wolfenstein The New Order Logo 140x

‘Howling Mad’ Murdock and Poseidon are coming to Wolfenstein: The New Order. During my QuakeCon interview with MachineGames Creative Director…

Wolfenstein: The New Order Preview – BJ Blazkowicz, Warrior Poet

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Our latest look at Wolfenstein: The New Order shows off the game’s early levels, including a classic castle.

Wolfenstein’s New Order is to Combine Old School with New

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Machinehead Games’ addition to the storied Wolfenstein franchise is to blend shooter conventions of two different eras, and take BJ to the 1960s.

No Mod Tools for Wolfenstein: The New Order on PC

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You’ll be destroying Nazis in the 1960s, but it doesn’t sound like you’ll be creating any.

Warren Spector “Tired” of Stuff Like Wolfenstein. Are You?


There’s a new Wolfenstein game coming later this year…but do you really want one? Set for a Q4 2013 release…