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5 Great Madden Plays to Celebrate the Release of Madden NFL 12

madden nfl 12 thumb

Celebrate a new game with videos of other people playing games.

EA Dropping Online Service for a Slew of Games


It’s the new year, and that means online support for a slew of EA games in going away.

Madden NFL 10 Season Preview Predictions for NFC East

EA Sports has released the Season Preview for Madden NFL 10. Predictions are based on a combination of individual player…

Madden NFL 10 Re-invents Football for Wii

EA Sports has re-imagined its popular American football series, Madden NFL 10 Wii: Madden Showdown. Anyone who is looking for…

Rumor: Madden Coming With PS3 Price Drop

The rumor mill is chewing on a possible price drop for the PS3 this August to kick off EA’s latest…

Bow Wow and The Game Make $100,000 Madden Bet

Oh, snap! Two rappers are going at it again! So how’s this one going to go down? A bloody feud?…

Downloadable Music for EA’s Non-Music Games Coming in ’09

Sure, you could just use custom soundtracks with the exact music you want while playing a game, but if you…