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Elf Needs Food: New Gauntlet in the Works


On the eve of GDC 2014, a new Twitter account and website suggest a new Gauntlet game is about to…

The Latest Humble Bundle Is Chock Full Of PC Gaming All-Stars

Humble Bundle Vertical Logo 140x

The latest Humble Bundle is live, and it’s like the PC Gaming Master Race commissioned an A-Team for all to…

Magicka: Wizard Wars Announced With New Gameplay Trailer


Magicka: Wizard Wars will see wizards blasting each other to kingdom-come with a wide array of spells.

Magicka Update Adds Dungeons & Daemons DLC and Fixes


Parody gets you around copyright infringement!

Magicka Releases New DLC, ‘WOOT’, For Free


See? Trend.

New Magicka DLC Releases June 14 (TRAILER)


Play as Alucart!

Magicka Celebrates One Year Anniversary


I wonder how many mages have died…

Paradox Boss: “I See No Reasonable Explanation” Why Studios Still Use DRM

mount and blade lotr mod

I agree with the CEO of a company!

Paradox Boss: The Next Console Generation Will “Probably Be The Last”


He’s probably wrong.

Peter Moore: The Transition to Digital Delivery Will Kill Some Companies

peter moore

But that day is a ways off.

Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC Release Trailer

magicka the stars are left

It’s gross!

PSA: It’s a Free Magicka Weekend on Steam


You can play it without spending any money!

Pretty Good Paradox Steam Event Happening Now


Pay attention!

Giant 50% Off Sale on Paradox Games Happening at Amazon Right Now


Man, I’m gonna buy some games.

50% Off Paradox Titles Until July 31


Over 100 indie titles practically being given away — take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

Paradox is so Digital, They “Don’t Really Need Retailers Anymore”


I don’t think it would even occur to me to buy a Paradox game at retail.

E3 2011 – Magicka PvP Hands-On Preview


All those times you “accidently” killed your friends in co-op is about to pay off.

Mage Vs. Mage Coming to Magicka (Trailer)


PvP is on its way — now you have an excuse for repeatedly killing other players.

Magicka Caverns & Marshlands DLC Trailer (Video)


2 New Magicka challenge maps featured in this one. Also, they’re giving one of them away for free.

A Real Life Magicka Bathrobe, Only $85


Sadly, that’s US Dollars and not elvish gold, but good enough.

9 Vietnam-Themed Game Spinoffs


Magicka: Vietnam is the best thing that’s ever happened to the world.

Magicka Review


This parody of an action-adventure game is the best excuse for keyboard macros in a game EVER!