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Four Games Added To Humble Bundle 9, Including Bastion And Limbo

One week (and 540,000 copies) later, and Humble Bundle is adding four games to its current #9 Bundle. Already a…

Humble Indie Bundle 9 Opened My Wallet


If it seems like there’s always a new bundle of games on sale from one site or another these days,…

Mark of the Ninja Special Edition Dated for Steam


Mark of the Ninja is expanding.

Klei Entertainment Founder Attacks ‘Crunch’ Game Development


There’s no excuse to force game development into overtime.

Mark of the Ninja Special Edition DLC Hits This Summer


Mark of the Ninja’s special edition adds non-lethal gameplay options.

Steam Thanksgiving Sale Kicks Off with 50% Off Walking Dead

walking dead 2 thumb

This weekend, stuff your face and empty your wallet.

Mark of the Ninja PC Review: Great Stealth Hampered by Controls

Good Night thumb

The PC keyboard controls lack a bit in precision, but Mark of the Ninja’s stealth is still first-class.