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Player Starts Poll Asking BioWare for New Mass Effect 3 Ending [UPDATED]

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Upset about Mass Effect 3′s ending? You’re not alone.

Mass Effect 3: How To Romance Jack


Subject Zero just became your Subject Hero.

Mass Effect 3: From Ashes – Collectible Locations


Find all the hidden intel on Eden Prime with our quick location guide.

Mass Effect 3: How To Romance Garrus


Women love scars, right?

Mass Effect 3: How To Romance Traynor & Cortez


These crewmates are looking for love in all the wrong places.

Mass Effect 3: How To Romance Kaidan


Some people just want a fixer-upper.

Mass Effect 3: How To Romance Ashley


Rebuild trust with one of the first characters to join Shepard in the series.

Mass Effect 3: How To Romance Tali


The exotic masked alien might finally unmask for Shepard.

Mass Effect 3: Best Weapons


Get the most gun with Game Front.

Mass Effect 3: Endings Guide


Plan your ending for Mass Effect 3 without spoilers! (Warning: There -are- Mass Effect 2 spoilers! Check out at your own risk!)

Mass Effect 3: How To Get The Best Ending


And no, it doesn’t require co-op multiplayer.

The Game Front Video Team Takes On Mass Effect 3′s Multiplayer

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Some Reaper/Cerberus/Geth get blasted by our resident squad of galactic badasses.

Mass Effect 3: How To Romance Miranda


This former Cerberus agent can’t give Shepard up.

Mass Effect 3: How To Romance Liara


She’s still true blue, all for you.

Mass Effect 3: Best Armor


Shield yourself from the Reapers with these powerful suits of full armor.

Mass Effect 3: How to Find Every Weapon


Why pay for your guns when you can find them for free?

Mass Effect 3: Male Shepard Romance Guide


Love is never having to say you’re sorry. See how to get physical with these romantic partners.

Mass Effect 3: Female Shepard Romance Guide


What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. Check out how to woo these lovers with FemShep.

Fans Upset over Stock Photo in Mass Effect 3 (PIC)


Is this lazy art direction?

Mass Effect 3 Face Import Bug Fix on the Way, Hooray


But you’ll have to endure your ugly Shepface for a little bit longer.

A Quick Look at the Mass Effect Novels

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We take a quick look at the four novels that flesh out the Mass Effect universe, complete with reviews.

Mass Effect 3: Avatar Awards


Spruce up your X-box 360 avatar with this free ME3 gear.

Mass Effect 3: All Easter Eggs & Locations


The Blue Oyster Cult is wrong. You should fear the Reaper!

Mass Effect RAGE


Gamers are angry, but is their fury pointed in the right direction?

Mass Effect 3: N7 Mission Locations & Rewards


Not every mission needs to be massive. Check out these small missions and learn about their small, but valuable, rewards.

Mass Effect 3: From Ashes DLC Walkthrough


The Protheans are back in a big way. Check out our text and video walkthrough for this day-one DLC for Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3: Live Tweeting The Reaper Invasion


Discover the fate of the Mass Effect universe’s most intrepid journalist.

Metacritic Users Bomb Mass Effect 3 With Low Scores


Haters gonna hate, raters gonna rate.

Mass Effect 3: Annoyed Salarian Easter Egg


No one is safe from Shepard, even this mild-mannered Salarian scientist.

Mass Effect 3: Boo The Space Hamster Easter Egg


Find Bioware’s most famous hamster.

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